Night of the Living Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Book Review

This is the 7th book of this series and the first one I have read. I did not feel I was lost by beginning with number 7.  I will be reading the earlier books now that I have had a taste of night of the living demon slayerAngie Fox work.

This is not your normal paranormal romance story.   Lizzie Brown is a demon slayer; she  has a talking Dog name Pirate, a toddler dragon she calls Flappy, a Granny that is a witch and part of a spell casting witch biker gang that recruits at the senior citizens home,  her husbands Dimitri is a (hot with a capital H) griffin, whom by the way, she has a thing for, a necromancer friend Carpenter that needs help in New Orléans, and a cast of assorted odd, quirky, and unconventional characters.   Carpenter had no idea what he’s getting into when he asked for Lizzie’s help, suddenly he has the witch senior citizen biker gang helping as well and traveling not only on their bikes but with a school bus full of witch stuff.  Off the entire band goes to New Orléans to help Carpenter with evil that has risen there.  They will have their hands full in New Orléans.

This book starts with action and continues through out as Lizzie and her cast of fellows fight demons, evil, voodoo, zombie alligators, spirits, and assorted other supernatural occurrences.   The author Angie Fox has created a wonderful world of off the wall characters and adventures, and she keeps the pace going, holding your interest from start to finish of the book. Ms. Fox also fulled this book with humor, I laughed a lot during this read. I was glad to read that Ms. Fox has at least 3 more books in line for this series. The quirky characters and the world Ms. Fox has fashioned makes for an enjoyable book.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes an out of the ordinary paranormal filled with adventure and romance; due to one sexual scene in the book  I would recommend this book for young adult to adult.

I received this book in from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.

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