Never Too Late by Jo Barney

Never too late

Is It Ever Too Late To Live Life?

This Is A Must Read Book.

All I can say is wow! This was an emotional roller-coaster ride. For me it was a story of guilt, giving up, disillusionment, unhappiness, and settling for second best or maybe even fifth or sixth best.

But the real story beneath all the emotion, is it is never too late to begin again.  The author, Jo Barney, is talented and it shows in this book.

Edith is in her sixties, she was born in the time period that demanded marriage if one committed the unpardonable and became pregnant; their lives became a study of settling, making do, just existing, staying together because you must and avoidance.

But Edith will find after the sudden death of her husband on Christmas morning that she is, indeed, a major player in her life;  by trying to piece together her husband’s life from pieces of paper found in his many pockets, she will find second chances, secrets long-buried, a daughter-in-law she actually likes rather than hates, a husband that finally tried to step up, extended family, and a son that was far from the perfect man she thought she had raised.

Edith searches her soul and her life and finds she really doesn’t like what she has become. Who was her husband really and what secrets did he harbor? Between the secrets and mysteries her husband’s life contained and her son presently has in his life, Edith and her daughter-in-law Kathleen are on an investigative trail as they discover the men behind their marriages.

Edith will become her own woman and begin to live life, broaden her horizons, and circumstances. I looked back on this story and felt, what a lot of life wasted, then I took a breath and it dawns on me, what a lot of life is left to live to the fullest!

The author shows it is never to late to live and love to its fullest, and it is never to late to forgive.

I received this book from the Publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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