Mystic Montana Sky By Debra Holland

Mystic Montana



The Upright Snobby Handsome Banker

The Beautiful Gypsy Widow


The banker and the gypsy’s vehicles collide on a bad mountain road resulting in the death of the husband and the woman in labor.  The story that follows this harrowing beginning is one of prejudice, abuse, preconceived ideas, community, love, and lives changed forever.  Relax in your favorite spot and enjoy this wonderful warm novel from acclaimed author Debra Holland.



Once again we return to the close-knit community of Sweetwater Springs.  We find the stiff, snobby, prejudice banker and hotel owner Caleb Livingston on his annual journey to Morgans Crossing for business, driving a little distracted and too fast. He will meet, in a dangerous curve, the vardo of Oswald and Maggie Baxter.   The accident kills the abusive Oswald and Maggie is in labor.  Caleb, through necessity, will deliver Maggie’s baby.  Come along as Caleb finds he is not the man he thought he was, Maggie discovers happiness beyond compare, and the town of secondary characters gather around these two.



Author Debra Holland always fills her stories with emotion;  this story will grab you from the first page and will not let go until the last page of the book.  Even then, you are panting for the continuation of Sweetwater’s residents story.  In a time period when Gypsy and Negro Blood was disparaged, treated less than human, snubbed, and looked down upon, Caleb Livingston finds himself reconsidering his opinions.  Ms. Holland skillfully developed Caleb’s character from one who cuts himself off from life, lived on the sidelines, and looked down on others less fortunate to become a man with a compassionate and giving heart.

Maggie’s portrayed as a sweet woman who was horribly abused by her husband;  Ms. Holland does not shy away from sensitive issues in her writing rather she handles them with skill and care.  Maggie’s baby, Charlotte, plays a leading role in Ms. Holland’s story-line.  Not only do Maggie and Charlotte impact Caleb, we watch as Caleb’s snobby and critical sister comes under their spell to become a caring woman with feelings she’s not afraid to show.

There are several plot lines and secrets in this book and Ms. Holland skillfully developed and paced each one to form a solid intriguing book. Ms. Holland gives just enough of the back story of the previous characters;  I wanted to immediately buy all the books.  Ms. Holland has a talent for interweaving each book and characters as their stories continue and intertwine together.  Each book is a standalone;  I can not wait to read the others in this series.



I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a clean, solid, well-written story-line by a talented author.  I am never disappointed in Ms. Hollands books.

Book Review copy received via Netgalley in return for an honest book review.





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