At Home In Persimmons Hallow by Gerri Bauer

My first book review on my blog:

Author: Gerri Bauer

In 1886, Agnes Foster flees, St. Isidore’s Home, the only home she has ever known to find herself on a train bound for the frontier, Persimmon Hallow, Fl. At the behest of Miss Eunice and Fanny Alloway of Persimmon Hallow, Agnes is the new teacher.


Agnes was raised by nuns in an orphanage, and has a solid faith in God and is a devoted Catholic. Florida is a world away from the city and Catholic orphanage, but the teaching of Mother Superior was ingrained in Agnes, especially, her advice that preachiness is not Godliness and to not offer advice when it is not sought.


Mother Superiors advice to Agnes is sorely tested when she meets Seth Taylor. Seth is the Uncle to young Billy, whom Agnes agreed to watch over on the train until they reached Persimmon Hallow.


There is mystery about Agnes flight from the orphanage leaving young orphan Polly, whom she deeply loves and wants to adopt. Agnes’ mystery is eventually revealed as it now concerns Polly. Seth has his own mystery; what happened to make this handsome man lose his faith, become aloof, lonely, and unfriendly to his fellow neighbors and church. I found this very intriguing. As the mystery surrounding Seth is revealed, Agnes finds herself attracted to him.   The extent evil surprised me, as the mysteries were of Seth and Agnes are revealed. The world is truly evil at times as Seth and Agnes discovered. Agnes has great faith in God; Seth avoids anything to do with God.


I think the author, Gerri Bauer handles the religious aspect very well; I did not feel preached to but rather was feeling the faith of the character and the scripture from their point of view in the situation in the story.


I watched the characters grow in their love of each other, for the community and achieve forgiveness for themselves and others.


The town of Persimmon Hallow is a very faith-based hard-working community that is very close. This small town sure has a lot going on; from Agnes and Seth’s mystery’s, shootings, fights, intrigue, engagements for propriety’s sake; the return of evil forces to Agnes and Seth, the plots just keep coming and coming. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I would recommend this book to any one.

I received this book from Barbour Publishing in return for an honest book review.


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