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mastering darkness


How Do You Like Your Vampire?

A Master Vampire Of The Atlanta Territory

A Beautiful Human Woman

Shifters And Vampires As You Have Never Seen Them

Filled With Emotions And Desire To Belong





Author Kate Wendley has created a world of shifters and vampires that is very different.  We see them with emotions, insecurities, jealousy, envy, in other words, we see human emotions in her characters.


Anthony is the Master Vampire of the Atlanta Territories; he is a good Master who punishes when he must and has been emotionally alone for almost 300 years.  Romantic relationships never work for him especially with humans.  He has emotional baggage and insecurities when it comes to relationships.


Human Kate had an abusive childhood emotionally and physically as well as emotional insecurities.  These two meet by chance and what follows is a roller coaster of a story filled with action, drama, and emotion.   Kate and Anthony begin a relationship in the human and shifter/vampire world.




Jonathan’s character development was progressive throughout the book.  He is an emotionally insecure in the romance department;  he longs for someone to share his life, but someone who wants him for himself not power or position.  Kate has her own emotional scars from years abuse.  Both must come to terms with their past to begin a future.


Ms. Wendley wove the threads of this story together to produce a very good book showing the emotional side of the shifter/vampire as well as their need for family and friends.  The plotting of the story and the pacing was well done as we travel through Ms. Wendley’s world of shifter and vampire.


The story has twists and turns that will keep you reading through the night to finish the story.  This book has drama, action, and at times cruelty.  I became enmeshed in the story. Ms. Wendley has the ability to transport you into the story-line.


Of course, every good paranormal novel must have a villain or two.  We find our main adversary is basically a good man scarred from his past and on a quest for vengeance. I loved Ms. Wendley’s creation of shifters and vampires as a different species which had all the insecurities and needs we as humans possess.


I found myself cheering for Anthony and Kate to find the right combination to forge a life together and the villain, Ethan, to find peace.  Did this happen?  You will have to read the book to find out.  No spoilers here!



I enjoyed this book very much;  staying up very late to reach the end. This was a great start to a good series, which I plan to follow.  My next review will be book 2 in this series.  This book has sex and violence; I would recommend this book for young adult and adult audiences.


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