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The Celebration Series Book 6

Making Mom Mad by Stacy Eaton
Making Mom Mad, Cover



Making Mom Mad returns to Celebration and the latest love story’s between Corrine and Nolan.  Corrine, as a single mother of an active five-year old son, is out of her depth.  She has stretched herself to the limit with nursing school, a full-time job, and raising Tommy.  She has little patience or time for Tommy.

Nolan, who has loved Corrine from afar for years, watches as she screams and scolds Tommy continuously.  Although he tries to help Corrine, everything that comes out of his mouth makes her mad.  He takes two steps toward and three steps back.  Will Nolan ever find a way to show Corrine how much she and Tommy mean to him?  Will Corrine ever see what she is doing to Tommy?  Is romance in the air for these two? My reviews for romance novel, Making Mom Mad, follows.



Firstly, if you have not visited the small town of Celebration, you have missed a treat.  Each book features two characters falling in love and their trials and tribulations and, of course, the citizens of Celebration, Pennsylvania.  Book 6 of the Celebration Series, gives the reader Corrine and Nolan’s love story.   Secondly, as usual Eaton’s story-telling skills are clear from the first pages of the book.  I found I wanted to shake Corrine and her attitude towards motherhood, her lack of mothering skills, and her misplaced values.  However, as Corrine grew I came to appreciate a mother stretched to the limit, providing for her son alone, and desiring more for both.  I found her growth progressive throughout the book as Eaton developed her character and her values.

Nolan’s a knight in shining armor; loving Corrine for years, he is ready and willing to do anything to help her with parenting and mothering skills, including advice.  However, he always seemed to place his foot in his mouth. With patience, Nolan, perseveres in seeking Corrine’s love, improving her understanding of Tommy, and showing her what’s really importance in Tommy’s life.

Tommy’s character is a typical five-year old; full of energy, into something all the time, making messes everywhere, and never walks where he can run.  I loved his character.  He is a little boy begging for attention.  As a result Tommy’s character made me want to cry.

The pace of Making Mom Mad was smooth and steady without starts and stops.  I became so involved with the characters I read this book straight through; I did not want to say good-bye.  Eaton’s understanding of small town USA’s excellent; she skillfully demonstrates the closeness of small communities as one big family.  Not always happy, but always ready to lend a hand and care for each other.

Finally, in concluding my reviews for romance novel, Making Mom Made, I found a solid well-written book with well-developed and intriguing characters.  Furthermore, secondary characters are important to Eaton’s story-lines, and add depth to each one.  I wait impatiently for each book in this series;  Eaton can not produce them fast enough to suit me.  The Celebration Series is so engrossing, I find I would love in this mythical town.  Eaton enmeshed the reader in the town and its citizens to the point, you will feel you know each one.  This is a first class romance story which anyone who loves a solid well-written romance will love.



I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.


Additionally, I received this book from the author, choosing to voluntarily review the book/novel with honest reviews for romance novel, Making Mom Mad. Furthermore, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book/novel review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book/novel reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  Furthermore, no one influenced my voluntary reviews for romance novel, Making Mom Mad.



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