Mae’s Choice By Kate Cambridge




Mae's choice 2


Could You Be A Mail Order Bride?


A Woman’s Search for Freedom And


The Choices She Made




This is the story of a young woman, Mae, searching for freedom to become who she’s meant to be and the man, Paul, she goes West to marry as a mail-order bride.  Knowing she will never meet a man in the East who will allow her to be her own person, she is off to the West and a mail-order marriage.  Afraid and hoping she is making the right choice she travels to meet her future husband and the revelations that await them both.  Adjustments are in store for both.



This is a short sweet book.  I enjoyed the story and it was easy to read.  Mae is a strong character in faith and daily living.  The suffragette movement was in its infancy at this time.  The author, Kate Cambridge did an excellent job of portraying Mae as a woman before her time.


Ms. Cambridge realistically showed the station of women during this time period and gave Mae characteristics of independence, strength, forth-rightness, and faith in God and his plans for her.  Ms. Cambridge included an adversary to keep your interest peaked and ruffle Mae’s feathers.


I did find that her father’s acceptance of her journey and mail order marriage was a little too accepting for  a time period when women were repressed by their fathers and the attitudes of society.


Paul is a strong man with progressive ideas;  Ms. Cambridge embedded in Paul strength of character, faith and the ability to be versatile.  He was also a man before his time as he believes man and wife are partners not master and slave.  Paul feels deeply and his emotions run deep; he will not compromise his faith or beliefs.


These two characters were made for each other.  I enjoyed this book very much.



This is a sweet story that anyone would enjoy.  It is a faith-based book but does not preach; it does show the faith each character possessed.  Ms. Cambridge portrayed the beliefs of that day very well in regard to women and their station in life and marriage.


I would recommend this book to any age group.  I look forward to reading the next book in this series and those to follow, from the Sweet And Clean Book Club authors.


Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.

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