Lalibela’s Wise Man By Matshona Dhliwayo


Lalibela's wiseman
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Lalibela’s Wise Man

is revelant to our world today.  With Christian values and insight, come with Christian as he discovers the true values in life are not money or riches.




Author Matshona Dhliwayo has crafted a wonderful tale of the true meaning of wealth and life in Lalibela’s Wise Man.  Christian’s very wealthy father has died and amazingly left Christian nothing except a small box containing a note.  Hence, this was gut wrenching for Christian as he was his father’s favorite son.  Consequently, Christian is left downhearted, angry, and without an anchor.  Christian’s two never do well brothers were the recipients of his father’s vast empire.  Christian’s instructions are to travel to Ethiopia and the wise man of Lalibela.  Christian embarks on a life changing journey.  As a result, he will find the answers to all his questions.

Come along with Christian as he finds the true meaning of life, virtue, happiness, character, and morals.



First of all, Lalibela’s Wise Man is wonderful novel that will leave you looking at your own life and values.  Although this is a short read, author Matshona Dhliwayo has packed Lalibela’s Wise Man full of life lessons, the true meaning of life, and how to live life more abundantly.

The characters are full-bodied with all the short comings and failures that as humans we each possess.  The plot held my attention and did not lag or bog down as we follow Christian through the trials of living in a monastery without modern conveniences, uncertain why he is there, and his father’s intentions.  As the monk imparts his wisdom in unconventional avenues, Christian begins to see the purpose of this journey and learns valuable lessons.  The author included a surprise at the end of the book that I did not see coming.

In conclusion, I found Lalibela’s Wise Man well-written with solid character development and Christian values without preaching or pushing the reader.   In addition, if each of us could live the life values taught by the old monk of our world would be a better place.



I thoroughly enjoyed this short but powerful novel.  I found the book be a clean read which taught values and life lessons.  Consequently, his book will appeal to anyone that enjoys a well-written solid story.

I received this book from the author in return for an honest book reviewBooks reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  in addition, book reviews on line and on my blog are my opinion.



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