Just For This Moment (Wishful Romance Book 4) By Kait Nolan

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“Welcome To Wishful, Where Hope Springs Eternal”

The Local Newspaper Owner Left in a Quarry

A Trust Fund With Stipulations

Love And Romance In The Deep South




In Just For This Moment, Ms. Nolan has penned a delightful story of small town USA in the deep South.  Myles Stewart, newspaper owner of the Wishful Observer and single man about town, thought he had life by the tail until his investment partner wants out within 45 days.  He has a trust fund tied to marriage, and an attraction to his leading-lady in the local theater, Piper Parish. Piper put a six months moratorium on dating after the sizzle they felt during the play.  After all, leading-man and leading-lady emotions could be misleading.


Piper is buffeted on all sides by family wanting her married with babies; they think at her advanced age, her biological clock is ticking. These two have a strong mutual attraction which out-lasted the six month hiatus Piper imposed. Then Piper proposed a unique proposition that could be the answer to both of their dilemmas, but things have a way of getting out of hand.


Can Myles and Piper join forces to save the newspaper and stop Piper’s family from the ever-present nagging?  Come along with Myles and Piper as they begin the journey of marriage, love, and life.



Author Kait Nolan’s talent shines throughout this novel.  Her knowledge of the south and families dynamics is very evident.  The funny nips and snarks were great.  In the South, the evidence of a woman’s worth is marriage; at least to her family.  Her take on Southern Baptist in the South was insightful.


Her presentation of small town USA was realistic;  everyone knows everybody and their business. The characters developed throughout the story-line, as Myles and Piper have insecurities and family issues to resolve as they forge forward in marriage and just possibly love.


This novel kept my interest and did not lag or slow. I laughed out loud as I read this wonderful story.   The sexual tension between Myles and Piper was off the charts, and Ms. Nolan skillfully portrayed that tension and wanting.  This novel has the best epilogue I have ever read.  It was almost a tear-jerker.  This is a standalone book and does not have to be read in any particular order to enjoy love in small town America.



Just For This Moment was a fun, easy to read, feel good book.  Also, I enjoyed the story-line and author’s knowledge of relationships in a small southern town with all its quirks, faults, and ultimately, caring.  I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a solid well written romance story.


I received this book from the author in return for an honest book review.  Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  consequently book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.


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