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Trapp, Texas could be any town in America. We find a small town rift with gossip and deceit. In Trapp, Author Varina Denman shows us what happens when the Church forgets God is head of the Church and not man, and man circumvents the teachings of God.


This book is captivating. Author Varina Denman gives us the mom, Lynda Turner,  considered a tramp and turned out by the Church, the daughter Ruthie tarred with the same brush, the new single Preacher,  Dodd and his family, Ruthie’s cousin JohnScott who stood by Ruthie through thick and thin, the newly released convict Clyde convicted of statutory rape,  and of course, the villain, whom I will not name because of spoilers, who ruined a woman’s reputation, destroyed her family, and got away with it.  Throw in a cast of sub-characters and you have a wonderful story filled with all the faults and frailties of humans that exposes the under belly of small towns and the Church at their worst.


I could not put this book down, the plot was intriguing and was well paced.  This story line does not lag at all, we see characters that are fast to accuse, slow to forgive, cynical, snide, and in some cases corrupt, and a Church in need of redemption.


We, in turn,  see how the love of God can grant peace, forgiveness and turn lives and a Church around.  Ms. Denman does all this without being preachy or pushy. Her description of small town life or actually any town or community was spot on. It is a wonderful love story between the Dodd and Ruthie; we watch Ruthie grow from a snide, hard-hearted, unbelieving girl to a loving mature woman who knows God love and finally forgives herself.


Dodd grew in his walk with God and learned a valuable lesson as well, not to trust in man’s opinions but Gods.  I loved Ruthie quote: “He(God) wants me at worship, even though the people are a faulty, ugly, sticky mess, I have a feeling He thinks I’ll fit right in.”  What more needs to be said?



I highly recommend this book, if I could give it more than 5 stars I would.


This book review is my honest opinion and was not influenced by any organization or person.


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