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Inevitable Goddess Of Fate by Tamara Hart Heiner
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In Inevitable Goddess Of Fate, the reader finds Jayne Lockwood, a normal teenager except for one tiny little thing.  She can look into certain people’s eyes and see their death.  Try dealing with this gift or curse, as well as, the emotions and issues of growing up.  When Jayne smells lemons, she refuses to look into the person’s eyes because what she will see is usually horrifying.

Not even telling her best friend Dana, Jayne deals with the visions on her own.  When handsome English-born Aaron moves to town, he and Jayne feel an attraction, but Jayne smells lemons.  She refuses to look into his eyes, which intrigues Aaron.

Not only dealing with her gift and  the new boy in school, Jayne finds himself seeing a serial killer through his victims eyes.  Through a set of circumstances, the killer hones in on Jayne as he discovers she knows too much.  Grab a comfortable seat, come along with Jayne and company as they ferret out a killer and face emotions and issues all teenagers must go through. My teen and young adult fantasy novel review of Inevitable Goddess Of Fate follows.



Primarily a fantasy for teens and young adults, as a senior I found I enjoyed this clean intriguing novelAuthor Tamara Hart Heiner included twists and turns in this well crafted novel.  Keeping the pace steady and smooth, the readers led from one revelation to another.  With revelations I did not see coming, Heiner keeps the tension and intrigue at high peak.  My mouth fell open when Heiner revealed the villain’s identity. What a surprise!

Furthermore, Heiner crafted well-developed characters and her skill in portraying teen years, well crafted and realistic.   As well as, showing in-depth the worry and angst Jayne carries because of her talent/gift.  Repressed by her talent/gift/curse, afraid to look into anyone eyes after she smells lemons, Jayne carries a terrible weight with her daily.  Heiner shows Jayne, Dana, and Aaron dealing with everyday teen issues such as: girlfriends, boyfriends, school, and maturing towards adulthood.  By the end of Heiner’s book, will Jayne grow into a confident young woman?  Will she come to terms with her talent?  Can she accept her fate?  Sorry, you will have to read the novel to find out.

Finally, in concluding my teen and young adult fantasy novel review of Inevitable Goddess Of Fate, I found an easy to read story-line.  Also, this novel has well-developed characters and a premise which was intriguing and original.  Containing no sex, Heiner easily conveys the emotions we all feel as teenagers with our first love.




I would not hesitate to buy this book for my self or a friend. I found Inevitable Goddess Of Fate especially suited to teen and young adults.



Additionally, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with an honest  teen and young adult fantasy book/novel review.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition,  the ARC did not affect my voluntary teen and young adult fantasy novel review.

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