How To Use Your Empty Plastic Vinegar Jugs

The Humble But Noble Empty Vinegar Jug

If you are like me, you have many empty gallon vinegar jugs at your house.  Either we throw them away or we find a use for them.

I always try to find ways to use things and these jugs are marvelous.  They have many uses after empty:  clean thoroughly and sterilize.

I going to list the uses I have found for the humble vinegar jug.

  • The first thing I do involves hot water and collection of said water.  We have an instant on water heater.  If you have one, you know it is not instant hot water.  First the faucet must purge all the cold water out of the pipes before you get the hot water.  I fill a gallon and a half before I get hot water.  Instead of allowing all that wonderful clean water to go down the drain and into the septic or city system, I catch the water in my empty thoroughly clean and sterilized vinegar jugs.


Ways I Use Clean Stored Water In My Cleaned and Sterilized Vinegar Jugs:

  • water my house plants
  • shampoo and rinse my hair
  • DIY recipes and projects (I keep 3 or 4 handy just for my orange cleaner recipes)
  • drinking
  • cooking
  • water my dogs
  • water the birds
  • cleaning
  • foot soaks
  • hand wash delicates
  • wash our vehicles
  • cut off top, punch drain holes in bottom, fill with proper amount of potting soil, use as a planter.  I think the jug could be spray painted a colorful color, have the kids decorate with artwork, or use stickers.
  • cut off top, punch drain holes in bottom, fill with proper amount of potting soil to start seedlings or seeds for flowers or vegetable garden
  • cut off top and fill with proper amount of water and use to root plant cuttings
  • cut of bottom and use as a funnel
  • cut off top (about 1/2 way down bottle); fill with water to proper level allowing for expansion, freeze for use in cooler; after taking the jug from the freezer, let it sit a few minutes.  I shake out the chunk of ice or run a small amount of water over body of jug to release ice chunk.
  • fill with sand or kitty litter; store in trunk of car to use under car tires
  • storing small items such as marbles, screws and such
  • using a funnel, fill with corn meal, flour, sugar, powdered detergent etc. Be sure to mark with appropriate name of product.  You wouldn’t want detergent in your tea.


I do not use water stored over a day or so for cooking or drinking,


More Hints for Use:


  • If a storm is coming our way, we fill all the jugs we have on hand with water as we may lose electrical service.  No electricity, no water.  (I usually pray I can find some jugs squirreled away in a closet as we could be without electricity for days) We use this water to cook on our gas stove, clean, flush the toilet and of course, drinking water for ourselves and our animals.
  • With enough jugs you could even wash clothes.
  • Hint:  We fill our washer when a storm is coming, you will only need enough stored water for the rinse cycle.
  • Hint:  We also fill the bath tub; if you have a gas stove you can heat water to take a pan bath or a foot tub bath.  I hate feeling dirty.  I can’t imagine going without a bath, even if it is only a pan or foot tub bath.



Plastic milk jugs can be used for the same purposes, however, they seem to leak quicker as they are not as thick and sturdy.  I love my nice thick sturdy vinegar jugs.  But even they, as thick and sturdy as they are, will have to be replaced at some point.  Even the humble plastic Vinegar Jug will eventually spring a leak.



Ain’t life wonderful?  All those uses for that humble little jug. They don’t take up a lot of space and the uses are endless.  I wish gallon vinegar still came in the glass jug.



I am sure you have suggestions or ideas.  Please feel free to contact me and I will post your suggestion/idea and give you credit on the blog.






These uses and/or suggestions/ideas have not been reviewed, test, or approved by any government agency, FDA, scientific organization, or expert. Make and use this suggestions/ideas at your own risk.

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