How To Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

If you are like me, I have tons of plastic grocery bags.  I can’t seem to remember to return them to the recycle bin at the grocery story as often as I should.  I found ways to use them around the house until I could recycle.

So little mighty bag instead of waiting in the closet for recycling, I have found you a purpose.



The following are a few of the uses I have found for the mighty plastic bag:

  • carry wet clothes from the beach or pool in summer
  • food waste for disposal in compost pile, empty bag
  • peelings from fruit, vegetables, and potatoes for disposal in compost pile; empty bag into trash,
  • line my small trash cans.  I place 3 or 4 inside each other and remove the top one and empty into trash
  • place wet muddy shoes to dry on flattened bag
  • allow umbrella to dry, slip tip and bottom of umbrella into bag, stand in corner; reuse or recycle
  • coffee grounds, empty into trash, rinse bag
  • on trips we use them for dirty smalls
  • garbage bag in the car, hang from glove department latch or tie around door handle; empty
  • carry children’s items such as pencils, coloring books, crayons
  • clothing for a short trip on which a suitcase is too much
  • snacks for outings
  • cover veggies in garden when expecting cold snap
  • cover small flowers and very small bushes when expecting cold snap; reuse or recycle
  • storing small hand-held gardening tools
  • storing personal items
  • knit/crochet a sturdy bag, this bag has any uses.  My cousin makes them for many purposes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.  Patterns are found on the internet.
  • I have also seen crocheted or knitted rugs made from them
  • place onion bag,leaving it pooled around bottom to catch the cast off from the onion skins.  I hate those things as they seem to creep out the large holes in the bottom of the onion bag.  This keeps them in one place, empty into trash, reuse or recycle. No mess on floor or in cabinet.  Do Not Pull Bag up and tie around the onions, this will cause them to rot.



  • picking up trash in the yard
  • gathering veggies from the garden

Please always wash if necessary, reuse or recycle plastic bag.

Plastic bags are a hazard to wildlife on land and sea; if left to fly around outside over time if not recycled they break down into smaller more toxic petro-polymers which contaminates the soil and waterways.  After they have served their use, please recycle properly.


I hope this gives you some ideas for using the mighty plastic grocery bag in useful and planet friendly ways.


Contact me with your suggestions and I will post and credit on the blog.




As with all DIY recipes/suggestions/ideas on my site, these recipes/suggestions/ideas have not been approved, reviewed, or tested by any government agency, FDA, scientific organization or expert.  And remember small children always have the risk of placing the bag on their head and smothering.  Use/follow recipes/suggestions/ideas at your own risk.


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