How To “Not Use” Harmful Dryer Sheets



I think we have been brained washed by the industry to believe you must use a dryer sheet loaded with chemicals to have clothes that smell good.  I have found this is not true.  When I became ill with multiple chemical sensitivity I had to find alternative solutions.  Very little information was available at that time, I improvised and found things that worked.  Cheap easy solutions.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is so simple and easy you will think, why haven’t I already done this?



  • 100% pure essential oil (any smell you prefer) DO NOT USE FRAGRANCE OILS
  • a wet washcloth
  • a dropper



Put your wet clothes in the dryer.  Place a few drops of 100% pure essential oil on the washcloth and throw the washcloth in the dryer with the wet clothes.  Dry as normal.

You won’t believe how wonderful your clothes will smell chemically free and environmentally friendly.

We are bombarded with advertisements that tell us, we must use this product or that product to have clean nice smelling laundry.  Take a look at the ingredients and chemicals, look them up on the internet, you will be amazed and perhaps horrified.  This is a safe alternative.



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