How to Make Lavender Powdered Deodorizer

As you know I can not use any manufactured produced due to a medical condition.  I have found a way to make the sheets and pillows on my bed smell wonderful.  I use lavender powder and below I have described the steps I take.





  • Good quality lavender flowers or buds.  Only buy good quality from a reliable source.
  • Small shaker bottle.  I use clean and sterilized spice bottles with the shaker top. (tops with smaller hole work the best)
  • Baking Soda
  • Inexpensive electric coffee bean grinder.



Place flowers or bud in your electric grinder, following grinder directions.  Grind finely and pour into a glass mixing bowl.  Into the bowl of ground lavender, place about 1/2 cup of baking powder and mix well. Lavender is strong, start with a smaller amount and increase as you need.

Pour the well mixed baking soda and lavender into your shaker bottle








NOTE:   The bigger your bottle, the more lavender and baking soda you will need.  If you like a lot of lavender smell, add more of the ground lavender.  Lavender is strong, so start in small amounts and add more ground lavender until you get the finished product you prefer.



When I change my sheet, I sprinkle the finished lavender powder over my mattress pad and place bottom sheet on bed over the pad.  I place the pillow cases on the pillows, and sprinkle the lavender powder inside the pillow case.

Your bed will smell delightful. Lavender is a very peaceful smell and I sleep more restfully.  Lavender  eases anxiety and insomnia.


If you do not want to use the above recipe, you can place a few drops of 100% pure high quality lavender essential oil on a tissue or cloth and place either under your pillow or inside the pillow case.




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