How To Make Laundry Smell Delightful


I have a fondness for lavender.  It is a restful peaceful smell and I love it.  It can be strong so in any recipe, please so lightly and increase as you need.




Laundry can smell gross.  Hey, all that dirt, grease, grime, and body stuff, YUCK!  I can’t use the softeners off the shelf due to the chemicals in the product.  I had to find something different to use.







  • high quality lavender 100% pure essential oil or whatever 100% pure essential oil is your favorite
  • a glass dropper






Hold on to your panties girls, this is a hard one!  Ready?  Here goes!


Drop a few drops of the oil in the rinse cycle washing-machine-902359_640(1)of your washing machine.  Use as little or as much as you like.  Remember lavender is strong, start light and increase.  If you can’t remember to place it in the rinse cycle, put it in at the beginning of the wash cycle or you place a few drops on a wash cloth and drop into the wash cycle or rinse cycle.  I must admit, at my age I am very forgetful, I usually just add it to the wash cycle.

All your laundry will smell great.  As stated above, any 100% pure essential oil you prefer is fine.


Please do not use fragrance oils as they are an entirely different animal.  Fragrance oils can contain harmful ingredients.  Please buy your essential oils from a reputable company and only guaranteed 100% pure essential oils.


Go ahead ladies and gentlemen, make that laundry smell great safely without the use of harmful chemicals.



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