How Do You Define Success?

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We each define success differently.  For me it was removing all the spammers from my blog.  What a nightmare that has been.  I have installed security measures that hopefully will stop them.

Who knew what a problem spammers could cause.  It is now clean and fresh.  Some of you will have to subscribe again,  unfortunately the only way to eliminate the spammers was purging the subscription list.  Which I manually did.  I couldn’t find a program that would eliminate 23,000 of them without shutting down the blog.


Revamping of Blog:


Near the end of revamping the blog site, I realized I changed the categories sufficiently.  I felt such a dummy.  You will find that in the older posts, “other books you might like” will not link to the book review.  I am slowing correcting this, however it will take time.


You can use the search option to find books by the same author or categories to find a genre.


I  formatted an option to alphabetically find books and authors, however, it looked awful and just didn’t work as I intended.  Needless to say, I deleted it right away.


New Formatting Of Reviews:

I have changed the format of the reviews.  I am adding sub-headings and more paragraphs to the review to enable you to skim the review easier. It will now be easier to find:  the story line, characters plotting and development, and recommendation within the review.


I hope you find this easier to read and more pleasing on the eye.  It will take time to reformat the older post. I am reformatting a few each day.


Returning To Reviewing Books:

I will return to reading and reviewing, which is what I love to do, rather than revamping the site.  I have 4-5 books I need to read and review.  Thank you for bearing with me during this process. I can’t wait to start the first book tomorrow.


Senior Thoughts:

I have also found in my senior years, I have forgotten all I ever knew about spelling, punctuation, and composition.  My brain and fingers don’t seem to work together anymore.  I look back a week later and think  “what kindergartener wrote that review”.  Notice I didn’t say first grader, because they are more in line with pre-school writing, punctuation and composition mistakes. 🙂


As a new blogger, I knew very little.  In the past month or so,  I have learned much about blogging and construction of the site. I hope the improvements are to everyone’s liking.  I am sure I will continue to learn as we travel the blog road.




I welcome suggestions from you on the formatting and constructions of my site.  Any helpful advice or criticisms are welcome.  Feel free to contact me through the blog.


In Closing:

We have had spring day on the crystal coast.  What a difference!  We are hoping for a week of this wonderful weather.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  I am a little concerned that my flowers and trees will think spring has sprung and start budding,  then Bam, a severe cold snap.


Of course, headed our way is the big weekend and our Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl.  I am not much of a football fan, but I have really gotten into the Panthers this year.  Go Panthers!


Well, I have read this about 20 times, and hope I have caught all the mistakes. Please bear with me as I learn more and more.


Happy Reading Everyone.


BeeBee (Vera)


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