Holding Fire By Scott Hughes Short Stories of Self Destruction


I will admit I have on more than one occasion skipped the introduction to a book, I want to get to the meat Holding Fireof book, fast. I am glad I did not with this one, I started this book with a thoughtful mind in regards to vengeance, holding on to it and its self-destructive traits.

Running with Guilt by Maggie Stancu was proof of the old adage if you seek revenge, go ahead and dig two graves, one for them and one for you.  Ms. Stancu proved this adage in this story and did so very well.


The victim kills Vic’s sister. Vic wanted revenge for her sister death. Vic found she was not as cold-blooded as she thought, she had a conscience.


Dog Eat Dog by Joy Meenah.  Ms. Meenah certainly proved that vengeance is a two-sided sword. Pam is the supervisor from hell. She demoralized the office. She had a secret agenda.  Pam found she had met her match in the lowly employee, Elaine.  Elaine is much more than she seemed. Ms. Meenah did such a good job of creating a despicable character I actually was rooting for the Elaine.


Deaths Door by Chris Chan.  Retired Detective Noah Cecchi must solve how & who  killed Mr. Stuart.  The victim is the father of his sons’ best friend and from all accounts was a man-whore.  Mr. Chan incorporated a mystery into this story, who was the suspect, all suspects had been eliminated or had they? Vengeance is not always sweet, it’s murder.  There is suspense up to the end of this story.


Vindictive by Isobel Sheene. Rape is an ugly word, but Ms. Sheene brings it out in the open in this short story and shows how it ruins and rips worlds apart to never be the same again. Jordan’s sister was raped by a friend and Jordan wants vengeance, he became obsessed. Ms. Sheene shows how revenge rips and ruins lives, we again have that two-edged sword, as Jordan sets out on that self-destructive path.   What a surprise ending!


This was a sample of the stories you will find in this book by a group of young talented up and coming authors.  The authors showed that our behavior alone can be self-destructive and some people have self-destructive tendencies.


These are all short thought-provoking stories, the authors showed that when vengeance and revenge are added as motivation it is definitely self-destructive and is it really worth the costs.  I found each story was well done and held my interest.  The stories did not lag but moved steadily.


Be sure to pick up a copy of this book, I would recommend this book to young adults and up as the stories contain violence.


I received this book from the publisher OnLineBook Club.org in return for an honest book review.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.





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