High Country Spring Las Morenas #3 by Genevieve Turner

high country spring


Hunky Cowboy

Independent Woman

A Mercantile Marriage



Story Line:

Franny Morena is one of the heirs to the Morena Ranch; her father has spoiled her by allowing her to work by his side in total disregard to societies rules of the day.  Her brother Juan, will take over the leadership role once their father retires.


Franny knows no fear and will not fit into the mold that her family and the ranch foreman Felipe desire.  Felipe has set himself as Franny’s protector, watching over her in secret to keep her from harm of her own obstinate ways.


She wants to work the ranch; to use her abilities, Franny can run the ranch as well as any man.

From the first few page author, Genevieve Turner, created a character in Felipe that has a big problem he would deny if confronted.   He’s attracted to Franny and he knows he can never fit into her life.


He is on the outside looking in, sitting at the table but never sleeping in the big house, always the hired hand never the son.  Ms. Turner gave us a look at class distinction in 1903, but this was overcome by Ms. Turner as the story progressed.  Neither will he admit that he is close to loving Franny.


Character, Plotting And Development:

Ms Turner created a strong character in Franny; she is straining at the leads strings society and her family place on her.  Her mother wants a proper Spanish woman caring for the home and family;  this is not Franny.  Franny is also fighting her attraction to Felipe.


She has always been fascinated by him and her body is very aware he is a fine specimen of the male species.  Ms. Turner fashioned two very strong people, fighting every inch of the way to the bond that is inevitable.


Felipe is terrified of committing to Frannie, what if something happened to her, or she was hurt.  He had already lost his entire family to disease.  He couldn’t stand to lose Franny.  Franny will die if forced to give up ranching to stay in the house and learn from her mother ladies ways as her mother has ordered.


Franny’s solution is to marry Felipe, and be his ranch foreman, so she presents her proposal to him late one night for a mercantile marriage.  What follows is an explosive sexual encounter which doesn’t bode well for a mercantile marriage(a marriage of convenience without sex).


They will face many situations and trials before they will have their happy ever after;  Franny will face a life threatening crisis.  The road will be anything but smooth, but it will also be exciting, exhilarating and at times very sad.  The conversations Ms. Turner penned between Franny and her sisters,  then Franny and Felipe just before the wedding struck me as hilarious.


These characters will grow into secure people working hard together; they will develop a deep and abiding love.  Felipe must learn to let go his fear of death and abandonment by those he loves.  Franny will come to understand her mother better by the end of the story as her mother accepts Franny for what she truly is.


This book is full of explosive emotion, whether it is sexual, fear, insecurity, or the need to be free and succeed.  I didn’t want to put the book down, I just had to know what was happening next.  The story moved along at the perfect pace and the characters were believable and lovable.  Ms turner described the area so well, I could see the beauty.




This is my first book by Ms. Turner, but I will definitely be reading the earlier books as well as any others published.  Wonderful job, Ms. Turner, thank you for this great book.  I would recommend this book to young adult to adult due to sexual content.


I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.

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