Hello Everyone

I started a new book today.  Due to doctors appointments the next several days, I can’t post my review as quickly. I will post as soon as possible.

Nascar race was good yesterday.  My boy, Junior did not do very well, but, hey, that’s ok he’s still my man.  Just one time I would love for the radio announcers to call the televised race. I love how excited the radio broadcasters get calling the race, can you imagine seeing what they call! No, I can’t put the radio on the tv, it’s too big and it would drive me crazy to hear the race from one part of the room and see it in another.

I need to make more shampoo and hair conditioner, I will post those recipes soon. I also make a good hair spray, very simple and works great for pennies rather than dollars. I will so post a few sites for lots of DIY recipes.


It is time to make my DIY weed killer, works great, I will also post that soon. Only thing I have found it will not kill is poison oak and sumac.  Boy, poison oak and sumac are tough.

Will post again soon




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