How to Make Favored Water Recipe For Pennies

Since it is so HOT,  I thought I would post an excellent drink you can make and it taste go good. I will also be reviewing about 13 books in the coming weeks from different genre.oranges-1117498_640


1.  1 glass jug or whatever you have that can hold at least 1/2 to 1 gal of liquid. I use glass because of my chemical sensitivity.

2.  1 orange ( I use Naval Oranges from the box store, they were huge).  You do not have to use the entire orange, I use about 4-5 slices of a large naval orange. Store rest in refrigerator for use later.  Use organic if available for all the fruit in the recipe as they are better for you.

3.  1-2 lemons (it really depends on how much lemon you like or leave out if you like)

4.  l medium to large sprig of mint(doesn’t matter which flavor, just whatever you like, personally,  I grow chocolate mint and it is wonderful in this drink) If you don’t have mint, that’s ok, it just adds an extra taste to the drink.

5.  Stevia to sweeten your glass of fruit drink if you so desire. I do not buy Stevia in the grocery store as it has other ingredients added. 100% stevia is available on, on many sites on the web, or in your local health food store .  Always read the labels careful.  The natural stevia taste nothing like the stuff that has added ingredients.  I haven’t checked in a while, the grocery store might carry 100% stevia now, read the labels before you buy.  Of course you can use sugar or any sweetener you desire, but remember some sweeteners are not good for you. You do not have to sweeten if you don’t want to, I like my drink sweet. Think Healthy.


Make only enough for 2 days, as it must be dumped/thrown away after 2 days. It will spoil.

Wash fruit well, slice into rings or wedges, whatever you like. I think the rounds/rings look good in the jar.  Place fruit and mint in jar or jug whatever you will be using, pour water (filtered if you can have it) over the fruit to make anywhere from 1/2 to gallon. Amount depends on how strong you like the fruity taste and if you can drink all the jug in 2 days. Experiment to see what you like.

Refrigerate and shake well before you pour a glass. Dispose of in 2 days. DONT THROW AWAY THE FRUIT! You can use the fruit to make a room deodorizer.

This fruit drink taste better than any fruit flavored water you will buy.  I cannot drink the stuff from the store, but this is great and good for you. My doctor said it was a great way to get vitamin C.


Room Deodorizer Recipe (using drained fruit from flavored water or fresh)

Drain fruit from left over fruit drink or use fresh, place in medium-sized pot on the stove, fill with water, you may add cloves, whole allspice or a few drops of 100% essential oils (not fragrance oils) if you desire.  Simmer on low; this will smell wonderful.  I use a small crock pot on low and warm.  This is an inexpensive product and doesn’t have any harmful ingredients.



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