Hello Everyone

This week I am in Raleigh NC with my hubby, attending a conference for his job.

I am reading a wonderful book by Brad Meltzer. If you like a good political thriller, then Meltzer is your man.  Murder, old secrets, a President that is not fit for job he is so disgusting, political intrigue, a secret organization, betrayal by friends, this book has it all.  I hope to finish it either today or tomorrow and will post asap.

I hope to post a recipe for the round up I use on Friday. I found it on the internet, but can not remember the site it was on.  It works very well.  If anyone recognizes the recipe and it is yours or you know the site it came from, let me know and I will post credit.

I am trying a new DIY toothpaste also, I don’t want to post this until I have tried it for a few months as it is supposed to cure cavities, yes, you read that right, well, we will see as I have one a tooth.

I am off to read some more of the Meltzer book.






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