Helen And Albert Committed: Book 4 of The Parson’s Daughter’s Series by Annie Boone





This is the story of the three Parson’s daughter’s mother and father, Helen and Albert.  Albert’s father is a hard and unbending man of business.  Albert has been called by God to be a Parson.  Albert is disinherited after he refuses to turn his back on the Lord’s calling.

Helen is a faithful service of God with deep faith.  After meeting Albert they begin a courtship.  Helen’s faith is steadfast and Albert shares her faith in God’s plan.  Their story is sweet and compliments The Parson’s Daughters Series.



Ms. Boone’s character development of Helen and Albert was skillful.  Albert will have to come to terms with the issues in life and Ms. Boone led us through his dark days to the light of God.  Helen is a strong character and was a great compliment to Albert’s character.  The plot and pacing was good.



This is a sweet clean romance book.  I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys an easy read that is sweet and clean.

I received this book from the Author in return for an honest book review.

Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.

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