Heart of the Hawk by Justine Davis

This book is a historical western romance with a paranormal twist, very well done by the Author Justine Heart of the HawkDavis.  Josh Hawk is a well-known gun fighter, the last of a long line of Hawks.


According to his grandfather a mysterious book will appear to the last Hawk when needed. This book is a history of the Hawk bloodline and prophesies the Hawk bloodline will never end. After the victim’s widow, Kate, rescues him from hanging proving her husband was not unarmed when he attacked Josh, the book suddenly appears in his saddlebag.


The widow, Kate, greatly abused by her husband, is left alone to run their general store. Josh feeling guilty decides to stay and help her. Between the book and his growing attraction to the widow, Josh is very unsettled.  Kate believing she is plain and unattractive, is very drawn to Josh. Justine Davis set up turmoil of Kate and Josh’s very well.


Josh tries not to believe in the sudden appearance of the book, attributing its appearance to anything other than it just appeared. The book holds each Hawk’s history except Josh’s. Each time he opens the book, more of his past and future is revealed. Luke is a young orphan boy; he is fascinated with the famous gun fighter, Josh, dogging his every step, and cares greatly for the kind caring Kate.


The story centers on the book, two wounded people looking for peace from wounds of their past, making their way in the hard world of the west and a lonely boy in need of the security of a home and love. Each is searching for love and acceptance.


Justine Davis paced this book very well and her character development was spot on; character driven with many twists and turns, this book is very interesting. The plot was well paced, I never felt a lag or slow down in the story line. The author wove the historical western, romance, and paranormal into one cohesive book very well.


I would recommend this book for your reading pleasure.  This book review is my opinion; it was not influenced by any organization or group.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.

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