The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook By Isabelle Dauphin



The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook By Isabelle Dauphin
The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook By Isabelle Dauphin


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Contents of The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook

In The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook, Isabelle Dauphin, creates an informative book of cooking with the Foodsaver and Sous-Vide system.

As well as explaining why you need the Foodsaver Sous-Vide in your kitchen, she includes many tips for the home cook. Dauphin unlocks the potential of your Foodsaver and provides pro-tips for professional results. Dauphin’s industry tested tips are geared towards making your life easier using her system.

Emphasizing this cookbook is the only Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook you will need, she then proceeds to tell you what Sous Vide means. I will clarify, Sous vide is French for “under vacuum”. This system is reliable and produces quality foods cooked to perfection. In times past we called these meals “boiling bags”. However, this unit has taken the boiling bag to a whole new level of culinary art.

Furthermore, recommendations are included for the best units on the market and how to operate. Included are many tips to improve your cooking experience. Included in this informative book are over 100 tried and true recipes.

Additionally, in concluding my review, I would recommend this book to anyone owning a Foodsaver, planning to purchase, or give as a gift.



I found this cookbook informative, easy to read, and easy to follow. I would not hesitate to buy this The Foodsaver Sous-Vide for a friend or myself.

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