Finally His Bride (Montana Born Brides Book 4) by Maisey Yates

Book Review

Luke is a man on overload when he enters Grays’ Bar and sees his friend Melanie hitting on a stranger. He Finally His Brideis dealing with a lot in his life now; his unmarried sister and Becket from Montana Born Brides Book 3 are pregnant. He thinks his business partner has stolen money, he needs to get laid but doesn’t hook up in his hometown; his life is going down the tubes, and his friend Melanie doing something totally out of character.


His Melanie was a delicate flower abused physically by her father as child; not this woman dressed to seduce and looking to hook up. So begins the story of Luke and Melanie, two people with issues, they have a lot to work out before they find that happy ever after.


Luke had always been Melanie’s protector, why is she so suddenly appealing sexually . Melanie had always wanted Luke. She wasn’t waiting any longer.  A dance of attraction begins. This book runs the gauntlet of emotions; physical and emotional abuse, dyslexia, fears of commitment, family issues, and low self-esteem. Author Maisey Yates did a great job of depicting the fear and frustration Luke and Melanie carried within themselves. I did not like Luke in book 3, but Ms. Yates, fleshed out Luke’s character and showed all his insecurities with his disability and his family.

Luke’s snarking at Melanie including Melanie and Luke’s conversations with themselves were hilarious. Ms. Yates added a touch of humor to the book. Luke grew in this book to a likeable man who finally could accept himself.


Melanie grew from a frightened person who turned in to hide from the world to a confident woman. The character development in this book was spot on.  Ms. Yates depicted small town life with all its quirks including gossip & nosiness.


The pacing of the book was good, the plot lines kept me interested and intrigued. Their conversations with themselves kept me laughing. I like the fact this series was written by different authors as it gives different writing styles and approaches in each book.


I would recommend this book for young adult to adult due to sexual content.


I received this book from Net Galley in return for an honest book review.


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