Dylan’s Faith by T. K. Chapin

Dylan's Faith


Do you Like Strong Men?

Do Like Men Overcoming Up bringing?

A Novel of Faith And Love


This is the first book by Mr. Chapin I have read; I can assure you it is not my last. What a wonderful story.


Dylan is reviewing his life as he sits on his porch, thinking of the love of his life, and his family;  what a story it is. No, he is not famous, he is not in society, he is not a leader of the country, he’s not important at all; he is just a God-fearing, God-loving country boy, a Christian man who was far from perfect as all of us are.


I found the analogy of the flaws in his woodcraft so like our lives as Christian’s; imperfect like his wood yet still beautiful, living in the love of God and his forgiveness. I thought Mr. Chapin’s portrayal of Dylan’s life so realistic, Christian but still doing things God would not love, still sinning, still flawed, but assured of God’s love and even though God does not love the sin, he still loves the sinner.


Mr. Chapin shows so aptly that we are still sinners; the difference, we as Christians are forgiven. Dylan walks the walk as well as talks the talk, yet he is far from perfect. You could feel Dylan’s faith coming off the pages and his satisfaction with the life God had given him as he looked back on his life. This book did not feel preachy or pushy in any way. Mr. Chapin did a wonderful job of presenting his story and the message of God’s redeeming love.


Dylan is waiting for God to show him his perfect mate, trying to keep his brother, Chris, who is on the verge of alcoholism and a brawler, out of trouble, (Dylan has always been by his brother’s side pulling him from scrapes), and Dylan wants to garner his father’s approval.


Dylan’s father had been a hard brutal man who created a dysfunctional family. Dylan wants his father to be proud of him. Dylan is overjoyed that his father has found Jesus as his Savior and has found peace with his final destination.


Dylan meets a wonderful woman, Allison, that has moved from Atlanta seeking a more Christian and stable life for herself and her children. They click with their Christian views.

Dylan and Chris face tribulations, including facing one of the worst hurts, other than the death of a parent, any child can feel, that of an uncaring unloving parent. Dylan in his deepening faith wonders how God will turn any of this too good. True to the scriptures, God is always there to help them.


When Dylan presented the Roman Road and testified to Chris , he accepted Jesus.  I cried as this was emotional for me. What could be more stirring than the Roman Road of Salvation! Mr. Chapin presents it very skillfully.


Dylan and Allison will have a rocky road to happy ever after; betrayals, ex-husbands that don’t want to be ex, and a resentful child, all conspire to make this ride very rough. The ending is wonderful; I sit here with my eReader in my hands with tears running down my face.



This is a heartwarming and stirring story of redemption, love of God, love of family, and acceptance skillfully told with excellent character development and plotting. I highly recommend this book.


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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest book review.




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