Dreams Of Her Own By Rebecca Heflin

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Mousey Millie

Ian, Handsome and Strong

The Air Sizzles Between Them





Millie Stephens’ life is dull, she dresses in shades of brown and she wears old lady SAS shoes. She has few friends except for her employer and her employer’s family.  She graduated summa cum laude, is intelligent, has a wonderful job as assistant to best-selling romance author Darcy Butler-Ray, and her personal life is boring in the extreme.


Millie makes a list for everything; she’s a master at creating list.  She feels whole and safe with them and hides behind her lists and dull old lady clothing.  She has her reasons, very personal reasons.  Millie decides to make a list of goals and dreams, or as she calls it her GALL, short for Get A Life List, and check them off as she achieves the goal or dream. What a list it is!


Ian Brand is a handsome, intelligent, talented historical building renovator.  He has demons from his past and a secret he has kept from everyone except the two most important people in his life. As a favor to a dear friend, Ian agrees to renovate and create a nursery for a very pregnant Darcy.  Mousey Millie, as the thugs in the neighbor call her, and Ian meet during the renovation.


Come along and follow Ian and Millie through all the pitfalls, twists and turns, highs and lows of attraction and life as Millie presents Ian with a very unusual proposal and the results.



Millie’s character evolved with grace and skill.  Ms. Heflin developed Millie throughout the novel as Millie grows from an insecure introverted woman.  Millie grew from a caterpillar to expand her wings as a beautiful butterfly.  It was wonderful to see this shy introverted woman become confident.


Ian is a heart wrenching character, he looks like a thug, rides a motorcycle, has tattoos, the manners of a gentleman, and a heart that is giving and loving.  Ms.Heflin skillfully developed his character from insecurities and demons to a mature emotionally secure man.  Will he see Millie’s true self and worth?  No spoilers, you will have this wonderful story to get your answers.


I wanted to cry sometimes during this story as we read of Millie’s and Ian’s background which had made them the people they became. But have no fear, Ms. Heflin brings everything to together as she weaves a wonderful solid romance story.


The plot was well done and the pacing did not lag or slow down.  The book kept my interested throughout.  The love scenes are smoking hot and steamy.  The pages almost melt from the heat.  The zingers and one liners Ms. Heflin included were hilarious and made the story fun.  She infused humor into the story and created a well-balanced story-line.



I loved this book.  I laughed out loud following Ian and Millie and thoroughly enjoyed my journey with them.  This book would appeal to anyone that likes a solid romance. I look forward to the Ms. Heflin’s next book.  Though part of a series, it is a stand alone book.

I recommend the book for young adult and adult due to sexual content.


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About The Author:

Ms. Heflin lives in Florida with her husband.  She is also a practicing attorney, author and runs a non-profit cancer organization which she and per spouse founded.  Ms. Heflin has dreamed was writing since she was 15 and read Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Florida Romance Writers, RWA Contemporary Romance, Savvy Authors, and Florida Writers Association.  Her writing skills have garnered her many awards.   A link is provided above for her website.



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