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The Desert Of The Nations

Ghost, Witches, and Human Trafficking

Action And Love In The Desert Heat

The Nation Book Two




This is the 2nd book in P. H. Turner’s Nation Series;  it is a stand alone read.  In this novel by author P. H. Turner, we find the deplorable business of Human Trafficking of juvenile girls from Mexico to the U.S. for the sex trade.   Ms. Turner showed this industry in all its low and dirty elements and the men that become rich from this crime.  The two main characters, CPS Investigator for the Navajo and licensed social worker for the State of Arizona Jordan Bia and Navajo PD Officer Sam Tohee, join to fight this crime on the Nation.  We will also get a fascinating look into the religious beliefs and culture of the Nation People.



Jordan and Sam both have baggage from their past.  Each has endured emotional hurts that color their life.  Ms. Turner’s character development of these two was well paced and well-developed as they come to terms with their past and forge a future together as they heal and pursuit justice.


Ms. Turner gives us a glimpse into the Nation culture; I found this fascinating.  These beliefs were the backbone of Jordan and Sam’s life and this book.  I also found the information on the Dark Web very informative; this was an education in its self.



The book has action, beliefs in witches and curses reaching far back in the Nation culture, Nation rituals, evil rich men, evil deeds, and their young victims.  The sex industry is not romanticized in this novel; it is shown in dirty detail from murder, instilled fear for anyone in their way, and servitude, in their quest for money and power.  The twists and turns in the story will keep you interested from the first page to the last.




I liked this look into the culture and beliefs of the Nations and the love story and fight for justice of Sam and Jordan.  This is a very enjoyable book, well written, paced, and developed by Author P. H. Turner.  The novel does include sex.  I would recommend this book for young adult and adult due to adult situations, sex trade, and love scenes.  I describe the sex as love scenes because the sex is between two people in love and forging a life together; very sweet and not in graphic detail.  I look forward to reading book 3 of this series.


I received this book from Readingalley in return for an honest book review.



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About The Author:

P. H. Turner calls Austin, Texas home.  She lives close to her family home settled in 1850.  The settings of her books are in her favorite places, the American western mountains and canyons.  I am sure she would love to hear from you and your opinion of her books.







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