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In Death Unmasked, a romance mystery novel, you will find an intense reincarnation crime story.   Author Rick Sulik grabs your attention with an action packed story-line.  In an earlier time period,  Emil and the love of his life cross paths with an evil that out lives time.  Reincarnated many times before, Emil is now Sean Jamison, detective with the Houston Police Department.  Sean has searched all his present life for his lost love, finally she’s within his grasp.  Meanwhile the evil has followed them to this life and will do its best to kill that love as it is killing many others.

Murders are happening, horrible murders.  The Homicide Division is on the case and activates The Think Tank.  Is this murderer a psychopath who is supernatural?   A coat from long ago, a framed creed, evil incarnate, and a love that withstands time; come along for the ride of a lifetime.  My romance mystery novel review follows below.



First I must say, as I started this book, I did not think it would be my cup of tea.  Filled with flowery prose and poetry, I was ready to put the book down.  However, I found author Rick Sulik was setting the tone and background for the story which would follow.  Author Rick Sulik hooked me in the following chapters which reverted to a more normal writing style.  Had I stopped reading I would have missed an excellent story-line with well-developed characters and solid pacing.

The concept of reincarnation is not a new story-line premise.  However, Mr. Sulik provided a solid refreshing take on this concept.  Along with just the right amount of technical investigative procedures and paranormal elements, Mr. Sulik’s story is insightful and intriguing.  I particularly liked seeing the investigation from the law enforcement point of view and the presentation of the procedures used by modern-day crime fighters.

Furthermore, the characters development was skillfully as each character was developed to their potential.  Also, Mr. Sulik included a surprise ending which I did not see coming.  The pacing of the story was correct for the length of the book.  I found Mr. Sulik’s writing style was unique, clear, and easy to read providing hours of enjoyment as I followed the team on the hunt for the evil incarnate.  I found the poetry and the prose in the story-line very enjoyable.

In concluding my romance mystery novel review of Death Unmasked, I found the story intriguing, filled with mystery, evil, and action packed.  I also found, Mr. Sulik skillfully wove many threads together to form a solidly written novel.


In conclusion, I do not hesitate to recommend this book.   Anyone who loves a good crime story, peppered with technical investigative information, life after death, and evil beyond words, will love this book.  I look forward to other works by author Rick Sulik.

Final Note:  I received this novel from the author and chose to voluntarily review the novel with an honest romance novel reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion.  This romance novel review was not influenced by the ARC.



Death Unmasked:  An Afterthought

Provided by Author

              A comparison between ‘Physical’ Ballistics to ‘Spiritual’ Reincarnation:
     Ballistics, is the science of flight dynamics. The trajectory of an un-powered ‘physical’ object in ‘free-flight.’
     When a bullet is fired from a gun, it leaves certain physical characteristic striations, which are grooves and scratches, associated only to that particular gun and not to any other gun. The fired bullet, after leaving the barrel of a gun, now has its own – ‘fingerprint.’
     In the very beginning of time, all ‘spirits’ were created, and baptized at the same time in the ‘spirit’ world by the One.
     All spirits have their own ‘personality,’ or ‘identity.’ 
     When a spirit uses their ‘free-will’ and incarnates to the ‘physical’ world as a human being to experience a lifetime, or lifetimes, they have their own individual ‘fingerprint,’ what the Chinese call, a ‘chop,’ or mark, which is their signature that identifies their unique spirit from another spirit. That ‘fingerprint’ belongs to them, and only to them, each and every time their spirit decides to incarnate to ‘physical’ earth.
     From the very beginning of time, we were all ‘identified’ and keep – only one set of ‘physical’ fingerprints – – – for eternity.
     We cannot learn, ‘in-a-blink-of-eye,’ all about life in one lifetime.
     It takes many lifetimes for our spirits to evolve, and come around full-circle, in order to become completed spirits with the One.
       —– Rick Sulik / Author
      Death Unmasked
      Copyright © August 3, 2016




Rick Sulik was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. After completing high school in Boardman, Ohio, he enlisted and served four years in the United States Air Force Military Police. After receiving an Honorable Discharge, he worked three and a half years with the Houston, Texas Police Department, twenty-two years with the Pasadena, Texas Police Department, and ten years as a courthouse bailiff with the Gonzales County, Texas Sheriff’s Department, before retiring in 2013.




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