Conjesero By Carl Alves

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Conjesero, Cover



A Monster is Loose

Can One Man Stop Him?





In Conjesero, Kevin Russell, homicide detective with the San Francisco Police Department, has caught the most infamous serial killer since Manson, the Hail Mary rapist. It was an arduous investigation but he gets his second wind when he receives a call from his best friend Paul Richardson.  Paul has a flat tire and needs Kevin to come to his aid.  Before Kevin can reach Paul, a monster out of deep and dark nightmares, almost kills him.  Rushed to the hospital and treated by Dr. Wendy Davis, his injuries will heal physically, however emotional healing will take time.  Telling Kevin what attacked him, leaves Kevin wondering about his friends mental state, but he promises to investigate thoroughly.  This investigation will take Kevin from California to Mexico and back as he searches for answers.

Conjesero is an action packed suspense thriller urban fantasy novel, with a little romance thrown in for good measure.  Conjesero will leave you breathless.  Come along with Kevin, Wendy, Paul and friends as they fight a monster for their lives and the lives of the residents of San Francisco.



Author Carl Alves starts this novel off with an explosive beginning and the action does not end until the last chapter. He hooks you in the first few pages and never lets you go.  As a result the plot was intriguing and well constructed as Mr. Alves leads us through the investigate of evil incarnate and the lives this monster has affected since his inception in Mexico.

Also, Mr. Alves characters are full-bodied and grow throughout the story-line.  The secondary characters were skillfully crafted adding depth to the story-line.  Mr. Alves included everything needed to make this an interesting and successful story including a sweet clean romance between Kevin and Dr. Wendy Davis.

The pacing of the story was on target with the length of the book.  This book is a roller coaster ride of action, evil, and explosive violence.  The book never slows or lags and will leave you wanting more from this author.  I love a good monster story and things that go bump in the night which leave me with chills and wanting more.  If there were any editing errors, they were so small they did not impact the pace or story-line.  Mr. Alves writing style was clear and clean; his descriptions of the violence this monster inflicts and the personas he wears were vivid and descriptive.

Mr. Alves wove a solid urban fantasy which is well constructed and written.



I recommend this book to anyone that likes a solid well-written thriller/fantasy.  This book has a clean romance, however it does contain violence.  I recommend this book to young adults and adults due to violence and vivid descriptions of said violence.

I received this book from the author in return for an honest opinion and book review.  All book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line, on my blog and under my name are my opinion.



Carl went to Boston University majoring in Biomedical Engineering.  Carl graduated with a BS degree, and has since worked in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.  He later graduated from Lehigh University with an MBA degree.  He is the author of three published novels.  His most recent novel, Conjesero, was released in 2016 by End of Days Publishing.  His short fiction has appeared in various publications such as Star Quakes, Crossroads in the Dark, and Dark Eclipse.  He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has attended the Penn Writers Conference.  You can visit his website at

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