Conflicted on 5th Avenue By Abbie St. Claire

Conflicted on 5th avenue



Handsome Talented Doctor

Beautiful Next Door Neighbor

Love And Romance on 5th Avenue





Author Abbie St. Claire has created an emotional novel of need, insecurities, and love. Widower Dr. Ian Briggs is raising his son, Oliver, trying to deal with his wife’s death, and has a thriving surgical career.  He will do anything for his small son including moving from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas to insure his son is longer bullied in school.


Chelsie Peterson, divorced, is raising her son, Ty, with little help from his absent father. She is insecure with her femininity as her ex-husband undermined her emotionally and verbally.


As fate would have it, handsome talented Dr. Briggs buys a house on 5th Avenue which happens to be two doors from Chelsie.  The attraction is hot, steamy, and fast. The problems are many and varied.


Come along as Ian and Chelsie journey through the pitfalls of romance, insecurities, balancing careers, and raising children.



Ms. St. Claire created a story-line that felt very real.  Ian has issues dealing with commitment after his wife’s death.  He has kept his sexual life separate from his everyday life.  Chelsie is devastated when her husband leaves her for a younger woman. She has no self-confidence and is insecure in herself as a woman.

“…You’ll want more, and I’ll end up disappointing you, and you’ll leave just like they all do.  The only person I can be true to —is myself.”


Ms. St. Claire skillfully leads Ian and Chelsie through the many pitfalls, misunderstanding, and their children’s emotions and brought them through to become independent secure people.


Ms. St. Claire created love scenes that burn and smoke.  Ian and Chelsie’s sexual attraction was hot, steamy and fast as Ian, a skilled lover, leads Chelsie to understand she is a beautiful, desirable, sexual woman.

“You’re beautiful, sexy, and more of woman than I’ve ever known.  One day, you’ll believe me when I say it.”


The plot and pacing was spot on as Ms. St. Claire brought all the many elements together in this book and created a cohesive story.  The story-line kept my attention as I watched Ian and Chelsie come to terms with the issues and situations in their life.



If you do not like steamy sex scenes, this book may not be for you.  I recommend this book for young adults and adults due to sexual content. The story has a bit of a cliff hanger, however book 2 is available and picks up the story-line.  This book will appeal to anyone that likes a steamy romance with a good story-line.


I received this book from the author in return for an honest book review.


Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.





Abbie St. Claire is an international best-selling author. She lives  in her Houston, Texas and composes her steamy romances in her kitchen.

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