Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie

Chasing Victory


Paranormal Romance


Super Soldiers, Super Men


Full Of Action


Chasing Victory is an action packed paranormal romance book containing a cast of characters,  with and without paranormal abilities. It is rich in military SOCOM ops, science experiments to create super soldiers, human and animal DNA sequencing, kidnapping, murder, telepathy, hot love, and more.


Author Joanne Jaytanie catches your attention from the first chapter with a brutal murder and the action keeps coming with romance thrown in to rev up the action.  Victory Winters is on the run after seeing an old boyfriend and colleague, Jeffery Maxwell,  killed; one of the killers is a Police Detective, therefore she can’t trust law enforcement.


Wyatt and Tristan Farraday, members of SOCOM, Special Operations Command with the Military, are on the trail of Jeffery and now Victory.  Victory is vetted by Biotec to continue Jeffery’s work.  All three people, Victory, Wyatt, and Tristan have very special abilities.


Biotec kidnaps Victory and forces her cooperation; SOCOM develops a plan of attack.  SOCOM member, Tristan,  joins Victory as her assistant and they discover quite an attraction; Victory and Tristan discover Biotec and Kaleidoscope are doing inhumane experiments with humans and animal DNA. The SOCOM team intents to stop these evil companies.



In conclusion, this is an action packed drama, plot driven, and paced well. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes actions, strong male and female characters, evil villains, and love.

Final Note:  I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest book reviewBooks reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  consequently, book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.


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