Charity Gives Her Heart (Book 3 of The Parson’s Daughters) By Annie Boone

Charity Gives Her Heart



Sweet Romance

A Parson’s Daughter

A Parson’s Son




Annie Boone has penned a sweet tale of Charity Barnesdale and Eli Smallwood.  Each children of parsons.  Charity is the third daughter in The Parson’s Daughters Series.  Eli is the son of Pastor Smallwood, parson of Charity’s church in San José.

Mutual attraction is instantly felt by Annie and Eli when they meet for the first time at Hope’s wedding.  Charity is deeply devoted to her Lord, his work, and her church.  Eli has just graduated from Seminary School and returned home to learn more under his fathers guidance.  He will receive notice of Church placement shortly.  Charity is frightened of love, the possibility of Eli leaving her behind, or the possibility he might ask her to leave her family.

How will this romance progress with Charity in San José and Eli in another town?   Will Charity choose the  contender for her hand in San José or reach with her heart and soul for the happiness God wants for her.



Ms. Boone skillfully developed Charities character.  Charity grows from a frightened young woman to mature woman who knows what she wants in her life and what God wants for her.  Eli must come to terms with what God really wants him do with his life.


Ms Boone’s books are always inspiring and I have enjoyed this series as we traveled through courtship in a time period when courting was much different from it is in our time.  Courting was very serious in this time period and you did not enter into a relation with a man unless you were considering entering the state of marriage.



This was a sweet clean book and a good addition to The Parson’s Daughter’s Series.  This book was an easy delightful read.


I received this book from the Author in return for an honest book review.


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