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A Chaotic Courtship, Cover



Set in Regency England, Bethany Swafford’s romance novel A Chaotic Courtship, takes the reader from the match-making ballrooms of London to the countryside.

A good match is what every young lady dreams of finding.  However defining what makes a good match can be difficult. The majority of society proclaims wealth and consequence as the most important qualities…  Select few would say a gentleman’s character must be examined first and foremost….”

Diana Forester returns home, having made a mess of her first proposal.  Catching a husband was on every young ladies mind.  Diana, shy, awkward, and surprised by Mr. John Richfield’s proposal,  doesn’t answer yes or no.  Ashamed of her response and going home the next day, Diana believes she ruined her chance with Mr. Richfield.  Diana is not like most young ladies of her day, she wants a good man who will care for her.  She is no longer a simpering miss looking for riches and status; Mr. Richfield seemed to fit the bill.

Diana finds chaos when she arrives home.  A highwayman is terrorizing the countryside, and Mr. Richfield arrived during her journey home.  She discovers Richfield talked to her father in regards to an impending proposal.   Meanwhile, to make matters worse, as usual Diana and her sister Sarah, are at each others throats.  Two sisters have never been more different.  Sarah, the opposite of Diana, is outgoing, opinionated, outspoken, immature, and adventurous.  Convinced of the highwayman’s identity, Sarah, younger brother Will and Sarah’s friend, set out to prove her theory.

Come along with Diana as she tries to out maneuver Sarah, Will and friends, save Mr. Richfield’s reputation, and travels the never smooth road of romance.  Have a seat with your favorite beverage and enjoy this sweet romance.  My reviews for romance novel A Chaotic Courtship follows.



Without hesitation, I would like to say A Chaotic Courtship is a relaxing, fun, light read.  Perfect for an afternoon’s leisure reading, I read this romance novel straight through.  Set in a time period of leisure and wealth for the upper crust, young ladies who seem silly and immature, and gentlemen who considered work for the lower classes; Ms. Swafford presents this time period skillfully with vivid descriptions.

Furthermore, with well-developed characters and story-line, Ms. Swafford skillfully portrayed family relationships and unity.  At first seen as immature and silly, Sarah will grow throughout the story-line and Diana comes into her own identity as the story progresses.  I laughed as Diana tried to out maneuver the ever persistent Sarah and company.

Also, the pace of the book was correct for the length of the story.  The story did not slow or blog down but kept a steady pace to the end.  Needless to say, Ms. Safford did not reveal the identity of the highwayman until the last possible moment. She kept me guessing throughout the story-line, dropping hints along the way.

Significantly, Ms. Swafford did not need to rely on sex to sell her story-line nor did she need to fill the pages with fluff.  A Chaotic Courtship is a prime example of good clean story-telling.

In conclusion of my reviews for romance novel A Chaotic Courtship, I found a clean sweet romance suitable for anyone who loves romance and mystery set in the Regency era.  Easy to read, relaxing, and entertaining, I would not hesitate to buy this romance mystery novel for myself or a friend.



In addition, I did not hesitate to give A Chaotic Courtship four stars.  If you are looking for a relaxing, light, clean romance with added mystery, pick up a copy of this book.

Finally Please Note:

Additionally, I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book/novel.  I voluntarily chose to review the book with an honest reviews for romance novel.  Hence, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion. ARC did not affect my voluntary reviews for romance novel A Chaotic Courtship.










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