Caught by Lolita London

Caught by Lolita London


The Young Handsome Doctor

A Radical New Medical Treatment

And The Beautiful Thief



A hot young doctor in the Victorian Era with a radical new treatment for women’s hysteria.  Can you see where this is going?  Read on for a Victorian romp!


Dr. Thomas Winterbourne has a radical new therapy for women’s hysteria.   The only problem with the therapy,  it leaves Doctor Winterbourne in a state of arousal.  Ashamed, Dr. Winterbourne finds relief at the local brothel with Maggie Green;  he lets slip that he is looking for a new maid.  Maggie contacts Andy Kent, master of thieves and benefactor to many, and sets up a sting.

Young beautiful Jenny Marks, thief and protegé of Andy Kent, is installed as the new maid after Maggie’s blackmailing visit with the owner of the employment agency.  Jenny’s caught trying to pilfer jewels and finds herself in a pickle with the doctor.  This is the beginning of a fun-filled adventure towards love and secrets revealed.

Come along for a rip-roaring romp in this Victorian romance novel.



Author Lolita London creation is a different view of the Victorian Era.  It was refreshing to find a character interested in helping women with “female complaints”.  Ms. London portrayed Doctor Winterbourne as a good man who took care of his carnal needs at the brothel rather than with his patients;  he had ethics in a time period when men owned everything and women had little voice or rights.


Jenny and Thomas are perfect for each other.  Ms. London’s character development was spot on and well-done, as we watch them grow throughout the story.  Both are lonely and have insecurities which Ms. London masterfully handled and resolved.  Ms. London wove an interesting and intense romance story and included a dash of mystery.


The character of Andy Kent was well-developed;  seen as a thief master, there is more to Andy than meets the eye.  Ms. London’s development of Maggie and Andy was skillful as she shows them as people with dreams and desires and not “just a thief and a prostitute”.  They were very likeable characters.


The plot was well-developed and the pacing was correct for the length of the book.  The book was a relaxing fun read and Ms. London’s story-telling skills are apparent to the reader.  Ms. London included a surprise or two at the end of this story, but do not cheat and read the last chapter first as it will spoil the fun.


The explicit sexual content in this book was handled skillfully by Ms. London.  Ms. London did not find it necessary to include a barrage of offensive language in these scenes;  she describes them with skill.  Some authors rely on four letter words screamed at the top of the characters lungs to get their scene across;  Ms. London does not rely on this style of writing, which I found refreshing.  As I have said in other reviews, if I find the sexual content too explicit, I skip those parts to get to the meat of the story.  Ms. London’s story-telling skills are clear in this book.



This is a fun relaxing Victorian erotic romance novel.  I recommend this novel for adult only due to explicit sexual content.  If you are looking for an easy, fun, relaxing, book by a talented author, this book is for you.


I received this book from the author in return for an honest book reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line  and on my blog, are my opinion.



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