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Cowboy Ranch By Laura Fletcher






In Cowboy Ranch Western Romance Book 1, author Laura Fletcher, creates a romance novel of faith and need.  Jane Curtis, orphan, left the orphanage traveling to Colorado as a governess and house-assistant on Tom James’ ranch.  Under the supervision of Rosa and with instructions to leave the cowboys alone, Jane finds a ranch filled with handsome manly cowboys.  As a result, Rosa and Jane are at odds.  Jane seeking acceptance and in need of security and love, finds the foreman, Jacob, fascinating.

Will the gentle nature of Jane, catch Jacob’s eye?   Can Jacob forget the past and move on?  Will Rosa and Jane forge a working relationship?  My reviews of romance novel, Cowboy Ranch follows.




A Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2 By Beth Durkee


A Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2
A Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2











In Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2, Beth Durkee outlines her early life of trials and faith.  In Memory of Miracles, the reader meets a fascinating girl who grows into a strong faith based young woman facing crisis’ with courage.  From teen pregnancy to many strokes, brain surgeries, short-term memory loss, and double vision, Durkee retained a faith in the Lord few have.

Raised by a calm Catholic father and an exuberant religious mother, Beth knew church and God from an early age.  But not spiritually, this would come later as she realized God always has a plan, hears and answers our prayers when in line with his will, and sometimes his plans take years for completion.  The Lord had his hand on her life, orchestrating the events which could have killed her, without his intervention.

The crisis’ Durkee endured will make the reader cry and her faith in God uplifts the reader.  With God directing events, which a non believer will believe coincidence, Beth recognizes the work of God. This is an up lifting volume proving the handy work of God


Written In Blood by Nathan Bush



Written In Blood By Nathan Bush, Cover
Written In Blood, Cover









Horrendous Crimes…

Two Detectives Determined To Solve Them…

And the Stalker/Murderer Determined To Destroy One Of Them!

“Life is like a vapor, here for just a little while then it’s gone”




Author Nathan Bush created an intensely driven and emotional story in his mystery crime novel, Written In Blood.  Ken Collin’s rookie probationary period has ended.  Now a full pledged Detective with the Foley PD and still partnered with seasoned Detective John Filcher, he should have life by the tail.  However, fate will step in and change everything for Ken.   His father’s cancer has returned with a vengeance and Ken seems to be developing some issues of his own, mentally and physically.  Also, Ken has acquired a stalker bent on revenge.  Eddie, evil personified, determined to destroy Ken and all he holds dear, blames Ken for all the wrongs in his life.  Eddie, locked away for many years, sees Ken as the reason for all his problems.  Upon release, Eddie seeks revenge.

Can John, a Godly man, presents the Lord’s plan to Ken and bring him peace and salvation?  Can he help Ken with his black outs, persist mental issues, and his father’s illness?  Will Eddie succeed in his quest for vengeance and destroy Ken?  Will John and Ken solve the latest murders?  Finally, will they stop Eddie before it is too late?


As The Leaves Kiss The Stream By Terry Barnes



As The Leaves Kiss The Stream, Cover
As The Leaves Kiss The Stream, Cover




Kenya and Mombasa are missionary fields for the Gamble family; not only an occupation but a calling from God.  However, life for this Christian missionary family suddenly becomes a nightmare.  As The Leave Kiss The Stream is an intense drama between father and daughter.   Expelled from school, daughter Erin’s attitude is angry and self-pitying.  The family leaves their Christian missionary calling to return to America.  Erin, rebellious, verbally abusive, judgemental, and fill of teenage angst is determined to make life as miserable for her family as possible.

Determined to find common ground and healing for his family, Erin’s father’s solution is a camping and fly fishing trip in the Ozark Mountains.  A place of peace, beauty, and spiritual healing.  As Erin’s father stated:

“we reminded me of two wild animals who growled at each other, circled around, each trying to discover the other’s weakness, who swatted then yielded but always probed, and of course snarled.”

Come with Erin and her father as they traverse the high and lows of their father and daughter relationship.  Will they find common ground?  Will Erin find her way back to family and God?  Grab your favorite beverage, have seat, relax, and enjoy this wonderful story.  My Christian novel review of As The Leaves Kiss The Stream follows.




Dinner With King Solomon By Matshona Dhliwayo



Dinner With King Solomon
Dinner With King Solomon











In Dinner With King Solomon, we find down-on-his-luck Kevin.  Kevin has lost everything of importance.  He lost his reputation, business, family, and friends; he is at the bottom of the proverbial barrel.  At his lowest, Kevin will open his door to a stranger with an even stranger announcement and a bag of gold coins.

Come with Kevin as he travels the road less traveled to find peace and spiritual enlightenment.  My novel review of Dinner With King Solomon follows.



Firstly, Dinner With King Solomon this is not a novel in the normal sense of the word.  This book is not


After The Fall By Liz Isaacson



Book 2 In the Gold Valley Romance Series

After The Fall, Inspirational Novel
After The Fall, Cover











In After The Fall, author Liz Isaacson, created an contemporary inspirational romance novel filled with emotion.  We find two people drawn together in an unconventional way and forced in close proximity. Norah recovered addict, works several jobs, cares for her ill mother, goes to night school, and took over responsibilities of raising her 3 half-brothers.   Working for the at risk teen center, Silver Creek Rehabilitation Center, Norah, guides and mothers troubled teen girls.  As part of her program, they spend time at  the Maughan’s Six Sons Cabin as a reward.  Norah’s also hired by the Maughan’s to clean the cabin.  Unbeknownst to Nora, famous snowboarder six son, Sterling Maughan’s at the cabin recovering from a life changing emotional and physical injury.

Nora, poor, former drug addict, and unending responsibilities is not from Sterling privileged world. Norah’s determined Sterling never know of her background, mentally ill mother, or poor living conditions.  However circumstances, and perhaps higher powers, bring together two deeply hurting people. Norah feels the need


Philo and the Patience SuperHoly By Mireille Mishriky



Philo and the Patience SuperHoly, cover












In Philo And The Patience Superholy, author Mireille Mishriky, teaches the lesson of patience and how a child can achieve patience.  Philo is an active little boy and he has problems sitting still and quite during church services/liturgy.  Always disruptive, Philo’s told a secret by his grandmother.  He has Superholy powers!  One of his Superholy powers, Patience, can help Philo learn patience and discipline.   His Superholy Patience power can help Philo not only in church but in everyday life.


Let’s Meet God By Christopher Hearn



Let's Meet God by Christopher Hearn
Let’s Meet God, Cover











In Let’s Meet God, author Christopher Hearn, crafts easy to understand, clear, and concise answers to many age-old questions.  Questions ask by young believers and non believers alike.  Starting with the graciousness of God, what is sin, am I a sinner, is Jesus the only way and 16 more chapters, he clearly states the case for God using Biblical principles.  In the appendices, Hearn address baptism, purgatory and more.

Grab a comfortable seat, relax, my Christian religious book review of Let’s Meet God follows.



In Let’s Meet God, the reader finds a book which is just the right length for easy reading and will not


A Love Transformed By Tracie Peterson



A Love Transformed, Cover









A Love Transformed by Tracie Peterson is a fast paced Christian romance you will not want to miss.  The 3rd in the series, it is a standalone book with a story-line of self-forgiveness and God’s love.



Clara Vesper’s life has never been what she wished.  Her mother, domineering, demanding, and controlling forced her to marry for wealth and position.  Forced into a loveless marriage, Clara finds solace by designing jewelry for her husband’s business and raising her twins.  She and her husband never had a loving relationship and now, he has been murdered.  Surprised to find he has left her without any means of support, Clara, with her two children, decides to return to the only place she ever felt loved;  Montana and the loving arms of her Aunt and Uncle.

Meanwhile, Curtis Billingham, the love of Clara’s life, is recovering from a sapphire mining accident at


A Dance At The Christmas Ball By Caroline Johnson



A Dance At The Christmas Ball By Caroline Johnson
A Dance At The Christmas Ball, cover



In A Dance At The Christmas Ball, author Caroline Johnson takes us back to Regency England in her latest inspirational romance novel.  Madelene Blackmore receives an invitation to her Aunt and Uncle’s estate for the Christmas season.   Matchmaking is on their mind.  Her relatives have decided Madelene and Lord Langley would be the perfect match.  Her cousin, Julia, does everything she can to further their mission.  However, when introduced to Madelene, Langley appears standoffish and cold.  How will Madelene overcome her first impression of Lord Langley?  Will Madelene dance with him?  Will the matchmaking bear fruit?

Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, relax, and enjoy my romance novel review of A Dance At The Christmas Ball.



First and foremost, A Dance At The Christmas Ball is perfect for an afternoon of relaxing enjoyment,


Breaking Amish Tradition By Sandra Becker




Breaking Amish Tradition
Breaking Amish Tradition




Author Sandra Becker’s new box set Breaking Amish Tradition has nine heartwarming books; you meet continuing characters in the various stories.  I love books with continuing themes and characters.  Some of the stories have two to three parts.  Immersing her stories in fundamental Amish traditions, romance, and Amish way of life, Becker’s nine books provide enjoyment and entertainment.

Books 1 and 2 finds Miriam facing her baptism without joy.  Falling in love with an Englisher John, they find trials and tribulations.  In books 3, 4 and 5, you find Sarah, aka Wildflower, born to Joshua and Mary, falling in love with banished Doctor Jacob, during rumspringa.  They must face the heart breaking possibility of Sarah losing one of the things she most loves.

Book 6 will introduce you to the Zook family of brothers and sisters.  Sarah and Aaron have many questions and hesitations before finding happy ever after.  In Book 7, twins Rachel and Abigail Zook must face separation and finding the one they thought they wanted may not be the one God intends to impart to them.

Book 8 introduces Joseph Zook and Rebecca Weidler.  Rebecca is the bane of Joseph’s life as a child.  However, God and nature turn the tables on Joseph.  Zachary Zook’s story revealed in Book 9 is next.  With his rumspringa approaching, he has questions.  Girls annoy him; he is man of the land with tools in hands and the smell of earth in nostrils.  God places Elisabeth in his path.  Elizabeth has questions and trials of her own.  This is their story.


Christmas Mystery Of The Heart By Caroline Johnson



Caroline Johnson, Christmas Mystery of the Heart
Christmas Mystery Of The Heart, Cover



Although a short  inspirational mystery romance novel, Christmas Mystery Of The Heart, is a clean, satisfying, and enjoyable readAuthor Caroline Johnson set this romance novel in 1820, Regency England.  Running from an abusive father, Lady Sarah Sayers becomes governess for the hunky Duke of Huntington’s son and daughter.  Taking the name, Sarah Brown, she finds two lovely small children.

Meanwhile, as time passes, Sarah and Oliver, become closer, sharing their love of the children.  However, Oliver has a dilemma.  He seeks Sarah advice to find a solution which will protect his children and his name.  Will they find the solution needed?  Will they overcome their problem of the commoner and the Duke?  Who is the man terrorizing the estate?  Will Sarah find the courage to reveal her sordid history?  Is there a happy ever after for this small troupe?


Lalibela’s Wise Man By Matshona Dhliwayo


Lalibela's wiseman
Lalibela’s Wise Man, cover









Lalibela’s Wise Man

is revelant to our world today.  With Christian values and insight, come with Christian as he discovers the true values in life are not money or riches.




Author Matshona Dhliwayo has crafted a wonderful tale of the true meaning of wealth and life in Lalibela’s Wise Man.  Christian’s very wealthy father has died and amazingly left Christian nothing except a small box containing a note.  Hence, this was gut wrenching for Christian as he was his father’s favorite son.  Consequently, Christian is left downhearted, angry, and without an anchor.  Christian’s two never do well brothers were the recipients of his father’s vast empire.  Christian’s instructions are to travel to Ethiopia and the wise man of Lalibela.  Christian embarks


Jilted By Varina Denman


Jilted, Cover

Book 3 of Mended Hearts Series

Jilted is the third book in the Mended Hearts Series by Author Varina Denman.  Prepare yourself for a soul wrenching finale, an in-depth look under the facade of small town U.S.A., and a look into depression and its aftermath.




Jilted is Lynda Turner’s story.  She has spent her adult life in depression and deep dark mental depression.  Nothing ever seemed to last for her.  As a result, Lynda always sees her glass half empty rather than half full with a crack down the side of the glass.  In addition, her parents are dead and her beloved high school sweetheart jilted her.  Her husband ran off leaving her in a dark depression without a way out, her married high school sweetheart chased her for years telling lies about her, and her church in Trapp ask her to leave the congregation.

Through all this her daughter has found the love of her life, Dodd.  Simultaneously, Lynda has fought depression, prejudice, gossip, narrow-mindedness, and evil intent.  Into all this turmoil comes Clyde Fenton, ex-con, falsely accused of rape and imprisoned for 20 years.  With Gods mercy and grace Clyde has faced his own demons and revelations;  his story is detailed in the previous books in this series.   Finally, Clyde has now set his sights on a forever love and is determined to show Lynda the man he “can be” if she will accept him with all his faults and issues, as he accepts hers.


Wisdom Tree By Mary Manners

wisdom tree
Wisdom Tree, cover








Christian Romance Fiction At Its Finest

A Wonderful Book Relevant To Today


Author Mary Manners’ novel, Wisdom Tree, ask and answers many questions.  Does running from our problems ever work?  Can we out run the piper and must we face our problems alone?  Wisdom, when is it acquired, is there a certain age we suddenly become wise?  Author Mary Manners has penned a wonderful Christian romance novel in which each character will find the answers to these and other questions!



Pastor Jake Samuel’s plate is full to over flowing with a rebellious adolescent brother, a Church to pastor, and the many parishioners problems and programs to supervise.  Into his life walks a beautiful woman who is his brother teacher, Carin O’Malley.

Jake is striving to parent Corey to the best of his ability while they are dealing with the sudden death of their parents. Corey is a typical under-achieving, always in trouble, hormonal, rebellious, full of attitude adolescent.  Carin is dealing with the death of first her mother and shortly after, her brother.

As a result, each has wounds and issues that color their life and relationships.  Carin ran from Nashville to find peace;  what is she afraid of and why did she run?  Corey is failing in school and rebelling against everything.  Jake is hanging on with God’s help doing his best to be the parent Corey needs and the Pastor God wants.


Win, Love, Or Draw By Crystal Barnes

win love or draw



A Strong Independent Woman And

The Wayward Husband





Author Crystal Barnes takes us on a journey to 1877 Cater Springs, Texas in Win, Love, or Draw (Book 1 Marriage & Mayhem).  Here we find an emotional adventurous love story between Catherine McGarrett and her husband Samuel.

Catherine, aka Cat, has prayed and looked for the return of her absentee husband for almost 6 yrs;  she and her son, Benin, have prayed for him every night.


MICHAEL’S ANGEL, Book 2 of the Friendship Heirlooms Series by Karen Wiesner

Michael's Angel

They ran from evil, horror, and murder.  They ran until they reached Peaceful;  will evil stalk them again in this quaint little town?  Have they run far enough and fast enough to out run Sam Oligee, evil incarnate?  This book will keep you up long into the night reading!


Michael Fremont’s mother killed herself in front of him, forcing him into the foster care system.  Abused physically and emotionally, his only saving grace is meeting the shy,


Wayward Angels: Wounded Warriors Series, Book 4 By Karen Wiesner


wayward angels book 4








I have never read a book with so much human anguish and so much hope.  Author Karen Wiesner created a story that is so real it is scary.  I have lived this story through a close relative.  Thank you Ms Wiesner for bringing this illness to the attention of the public through this wonderful thought-


Charity Gives Her Heart (Book 3 of The Parson’s Daughters) By Annie Boone

Charity Gives Her Heart



Sweet Romance

A Parson’s Daughter

A Parson’s Son




Annie Boone has penned a sweet tale of Charity Barnesdale and Eli Smallwood.  Each children of parsons.  Charity is the third daughter in The Parson’s Daughters Series.  Eli is the son of Pastor Smallwood, parson of Charity’s church in San José.

Mutual attraction is instantly felt by Annie and Eli when they meet for the first time at Hope’s wedding.  Charity is deeply devoted to her Lord, his work, and her church.  Eli has just graduated from Seminary School and returned home to learn more under his fathers guidance.  He will receive notice of Church placement shortly.  Charity is frightened of love, the possibility of Eli leaving her behind, or the possibility he might ask her to leave her family.


The House On Windridge By Tracie Peterson & Bonus Story: Lucy’s Quilt By Joyce Livingston

the house on windridge

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to read and review books by Tracie Peterson. This story will bring your emotions to the surface as the characters face grief, loss, and new beginnings all with Gods help.

This book has two excellent books; The House on Windridge by Tracie Peterson and as a bonus, Lucy’s Quilt by Joyce Livingston another talented author.



Gus Gussop had the world by the tail; a ranch doing well; a large ranch house, a wife he adored, and a baby on the way. Then fate stepped in and took his wife during childbirth. The anchor of Gus’ world was gone. Gus has no idea what to do with a child and no desire to try.   He sends his baby daughter, Jessica, to his wife’s Aunt Harriet Nelson to raise; unknowingly sending Jessica to a woman who loves appearance,


Signed, Sealed, & Delighted By Crystal Barnes



Christian Romance At Its Best

From A Talented Author



Author Crystal Barnes has done it again!  She has created a sweet lovely Christian western romance that will grab your heart and make you feel good.  Originally released as “Lets Make A Deal”, it has been improved and expanded for your reading pleasure.  This novella is the introduction of the Marriage & Mayhem Series;  you will see these characters again in the first book titled “Win, Love, or Draw”.

Sarah Asher is no shrinking violet.  She is a strong woman with opinions of her own;  to


A Chance At Love By T. K. Chapin


A Chance At Love



Searching For Answers

Love and Romance

Christian Fiction At Its Best




Kyle Reynolds is a nineteen year-old searching for answers:  what should he do for a career, how will he find and win the love of his life, does God fit into his life and if so, how?  He has a year off from school before he must choose a study program.  Kyle instinctively knows the girl he saw while delivering pizza to


The Lost Prophet By Francis B. McPike

the lost prophet


Vince Ramsey And April Are Back

Fighting Evil Men Committing Atrocious Crimes

Christian Fiction At Its Best



Author James B. McPike’s latest Christian fiction book is packed with action from start to finish. I love books based on biblical facts and/or biblical prophesy.  Find a relaxing seat and get ready for a roller coaster ride.



Religious prophet’s tombs are destroyed in Jerusalem;  tombs dating back to biblical times are gone forever.  Soldiers and innocent victims are murdered in an inhuman and inconceivable manner.

Vince Ramsey and girlfriend, April, are back in action again.  Vacationing in Tahiti, Vince is


The Midwife’s Dilemma By Delia Parr

The Midwife's Dilemma



Last Book Of The At Home In Trinity Trilogy

The Midwife And A Wonderful Cast Of Character





Martha Cade is the midwife for Trinity;  the last in her family to take up the midwife skills.  She is capable, strong, independent, and has great faith in God.  She has her daughter Victoria back in Trinity, her son Oliver is doing well up North, her long ago love at her side Thomas Dillon, her duties as midwife, and wonderful friends.

But there is trouble in paradise.  Thomas is making demands she can not abide, Victoria is sneaking


The Cowboy’s Bride Collection: 9 Historical Romances From on Old West Ranches




By Susan Davis Paige, Vickie McDonough, Susanne Dietze, Nancy J. Farrier, Miralee Ferrel, Davalynn Spender, Becca Whitham, Jaime Jo Wright.




This is a wonderful collection of western romance stories of strength, love, romance, adversity, and faith in God.  Each author is talented in story-crafting, plotting, and development.  These stories are so well written and developed, if you did not know you were reading 9 different authors, you would think one author wrote the stories contained in this book.  The authors are in harmony with each other in regard to writing style


The Snows By K. M. Daughters

The Snows



 Miraculous Signs

A Message From God

Will The World Listen





Do you not have to be religious to enjoy this novel. 



Three children in Croatia, Anna, Elizabeta, and Josip, receive visitations from The Lords Mother, Mary.  They continued to commune with her through adulthood.  Anna, the only one to know the full details,  is commanded to deliver 7 prophesies, known as the Marian Prophesies or The Prophecies of Valselo, to God’s messenger, Father Mark McKenzie.  Father McKenzie has known of these children and made pilgrimages to Croatia.  He was unaware of his part in the prophesy until contacted by Anna.


Love, Stock, and Barrel By Crystal L. Barnes

love, stock and barrell


Head-Strong Woman On The Run


Poor Cowboy With A Passel of Family Responsibility


Mysteries And Questions


This is the second book in the series, Marriage and Mayhem;  it is a stand alone book and you do not have to read the first book to enjoy Love, Stock, And Barrel.  This is a lovely clean Christian western romance.  Ms. Barnes hooked me from the first page to the end of the story.  Author Crystal Barnes has the art of story telling fine tuned.




In this novel, Dinah (D. J.) Lexington, a skilled gun smith,  is on the run from an uncaring father and a


Hope Makes A Decision By Annie Boone

Hope Makes A Decision


Annie Boone’s  Book #2 of The Parson’s Daughters Series

An Independent Woman Meets

Her Match In Man And God




Story Line:

Annie Boone has penned the second novel in The Parson’s Daughters Series.  In this novel, you will find Hope determined to start her own business and spread her wings.


She wants to be an independent business woman.  She doesn’t have time for a man or love.  At least that


The 12 Brides of Christmas Collection by Various Authors

the 12 brides of christmas collection

Sweet, Clean, Christian Romances

The 12 Brides of Christmas Collection:   is a wonderful collection for the season of celebration and renewal.


This book is a collection of gentle, sweet, very clean Christian romantic tales. We have twelve brides in this collection that will find the love of their life at Christmas time.Each one is special in it’s owns way; all are historical Christian romances.

They are not preachy or pushy in presenting Christian values and beliefs. The recipes were an added


A Brides Agreement by DiAnn Mills Elaine Bonner, Ramona K. Cecil, Nancy J. Farrier, JoAnn A. Grote pub date 10-1-15

A Brides Agreement

Full Length Novels!

Clean Stories Of Love And Marriage


This book contains five full length stories of marriages of convenience that bring happiness, love, and joy to each marriage.

These stories were written by talented seasoned authors.  You will not regret purchasing this book.  Each book is a well-developed and character driven.


Thanks to a Lonely Heart by Author Elaine Bonner

Steven Barnes needs a wife to care for his 5 children he hasn’t seen in years; he left to seek work in Austin


Refuge of the Heart by Ruth Logan Herne

Book Review

This is a wonderful story of courage, survival, the undefeated human spirit, terror, relationships, faith in God and redeeming love.  I loved this story and couldn’t read it fast refuge of the heartenough. Author Ruth Logan Herne did a wonderful job of instilling emotion into this story; I could feel Lena’s emotions; the cultural differences, the language, having to start her education over here, I thank God I live in America.  Lena, the main character of this story has suffered as no human being should have to suffer, and came to America with the help of the Catholic Church for a new life. Grozny, Chechnya was a battleground of fighting and evil men with evil intentions.

Lena and her 5-year-old sister, Anna, live in an apartment skirting a crime-ridden neighbor but a good school for Anna.  Mitchell Sanderson is the county DA up for re-election.  God has plans in store for Mitch, Lena, and Anna; God orchestras a


Take and Give (Haven Seekers Book 3) by Amanda G. Stevens

Take and Give


Persecution & Hatred Of Christians


Powerful Story!


Awesome Author!


This is the 3rd installment of the Haven Series by Amanda G. Stevens. This was the first book of this series I have read.


I read as many reviews of the first two books as I could, to have a sense of the issues and back story in the books. I still felt I was missing something as I started this book, however I was soon caught up in this story.



Dylan’s Faith by T. K. Chapin

Dylan's Faith


Do you Like Strong Men?

Do Like Men Overcoming Up bringing?

A Novel of Faith And Love


This is the first book by Mr. Chapin I have read; I can assure you it is not my last. What a wonderful story.


Dylan is reviewing his life as he sits on his porch, thinking of the love of his life, and his family;  what a story it is. No, he is not famous, he is not in society, he is not a leader of the country, he’s not important at all; he is just a God-fearing, God-loving country boy, a Christian man who was far from perfect as all of us are.


I found the analogy of the flaws in his woodcraft so like our lives as Christian’s; imperfect like his wood yet still beautiful, living in the love of God and his forgiveness. I thought Mr. Chapin’s portrayal of Dylan’s life so realistic, Christian but still doing things God would not love, still sinning, still flawed, but assured of God’s love and even though God does not love the sin, he still loves the sinner.


Mr. Chapin shows so aptly that we are still sinners; the difference, we as Christians are forgiven. Dylan walks the walk as well as talks the talk, yet he is far from perfect. You could feel Dylan’s faith


Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis


Nicki Price is 25 ymidnight on the mississippiears old, and comes from a poor country family; freshly graduated from PI school and ready to help her cousin Nate with his PI business.   She presents a case for her services to Nate; he’s not buying, that is, until his client over rules him.


Nate has a rich society client charged with murdering his partner and doesn’t want Nicki in the way.  Nicki is attracted to said accused murderer, Hunter Galen and ready to ply her trade of private investigator.


Hunter is not just a privileged society boy, he is a hard-working, hard playing high-powered stock trader that loves the risk, and it doesn’t hurt that he is as handsome as sin in the Big Easy.  He is prime suspect number one in the murder of his crooked partner.


He also has a spoiled society “almost” fiancee.  The dance of attraction and love between Hunter and Nicki begins. It will not be without twists and turns, then more turns, nor is it a smooth ride, mysteries, murders new and old, blackmail, vengeful almost fiancée, and the games people play.  We watch Hunter learn to see the world through


A Bride At Last by Jagears, Melissa

A bride at Last


A Homeless Child

The School Teacher That Loves Him

And A Hunky Hero



Story Line:

Kate Dawson, resident school teacher,cares for Lucy Riverton and her young son Anthony, in Missouri 1885.  The Rivertons live in poverty in a run down boarding house and Lucy is dying.  Lucy ran from two husbands.


According to Lucy, husband number one, Silas Jonesey a farmer, treated her like a work horse and


Refining Fire by Peterson, Tracie

Refining Fire


Seattle 1889

Two With Faith, Two Without

Human Trafficking


This is the 2nd book in the Brides of Seattle Series; it is a stand alone read. This book was a joy to read and review.


Story Line:

Militine is a very bitter young woman in 1889 Seattle Washington. She has turned her back on God.  Her best friend Abrianna Cunningham is the adopted daughter of the prioress of the Madison Bridal School, very religious and zealous in her beliefs, to the point of being obnoxious at times.


Both young women live at the Madison Bridal School of Seattle.  Militine has a past that she is running from and what better place to hide than the Bride School. Abrianna is a little general and


The Midwife’s Tale by Delia Parr

the Midwife's Tale



Christian Fiction






Martha Cade is a midwife in 1830 Pennsylvania. She is excellent at her job. However her world is about to spin out of control and the events will test her faith in herself, community, and her deep faith in God.


After a delivery she receives word that her 17-year-old daughter Victoria has run away with a theater troupe. Martha immediately goes in search of her daughter leaving her home and obligations behind. Martha will return home without her daughter to face the town she left 3 months earlier.


She will find things have changed during her fruitless journey.  Martha feels shame and deep anger over


Five Days in Skye by Carla Yvonne Laureano

Book Review

This is a romance set in beautiful Scotland.  Andrea Sullivan is a professional hospitality consultant; she is good at her job but on her last consultation she rebuffed a clients advances.   Andrea feels she is being punished when her boss sends her to Scotland and international acclaimed Chef James MacDonald on a consulting job.


Andrea is obsessed with her job and redeeming herself after the last fiasco.  Both characters are strong independent career minded people.  Andrea keeps seeing James as a man with ulterior motives. All  James wants is to open a hotel in Scotland that he did not get to open with his father before he passed and to become close to Andrea.


The book begins with a funny meeting between Andrea and James, that just made me howl.  What follows is a ramp thru beautiful Scotland.  The author, Carla Yvonne Laureano’s descriptions of Scotland were so vivid I could see each scene she


Justified (Book 2 Mended Hearts Series) by Varina Denman



Contemporary Christian Novel

Fantastic Novel


Although this is Book 2 of the series, Mended Hearts,  it is a stand alone novel. However, I would suggest you read Jaded first, as it will give you an in-depth look at Trapp, its citizens and the Church in Trapp.


This story will take us back to Trapp, Texas, small town America and it’s still the same gossip laden town it was in Jaded.  To give you some background, Fawn Blaylock is trying to put her life back together.  Alone, pregnant, and almost penniless, she is befriended by Ruthie Turner and Ruthie’s family which includes JohnScott.  JohnScott will become a major part of this book.


Fawn’s daddy, Neil, is the richest man in Trapp and an hypocritical Christian. Fawn had lived the life of 


Jaded by Varina Denman





Trapp, Texas could be any town in America. We find a small town rift with gossip and deceit. In Trapp, Author Varina Denman shows us what happens when the Church forgets God is head of the Church and not man, and man circumvents the teachings of God.


This book is captivating. Author Varina Denman gives us the mom, Lynda Turner,  considered a tramp and turned out by the Church, the daughter Ruthie tarred with the same brush, the new single Preacher,  Dodd and his family, Ruthie’s cousin JohnScott who stood by Ruthie through thick and thin, the newly released convict Clyde convicted of statutory rape,  and of


Undercover Bride by Margaret Brownley

Undercover Bride

This is the 2nd book in a series and occurs after the Civil War. Can be read as a stand-alone.


Maggie Thomas is a Pinkerton Detective Agent under orders to either prove or disprove Garrett Thomas, father to Elise and Toby, is the Whistle Stop Bandit, while appearing as a delicate, charming, unassuming, ladylike mail-order bride Garrett ordered.


This is a little hard to carry out for out spoken, opinionated, independent


At Home In Persimmons Hallow by Gerri Bauer

My first book review on my blog:

Author: Gerri Bauer

In 1886, Agnes Foster flees, St. Isidore’s Home, the only home she has ever known to find herself on a train bound for the frontier, Persimmon Hallow, Fl. At the behest of Miss Eunice and Fanny Alloway of Persimmon Hallow, Agnes is the new teacher.


Agnes was raised by nuns in an orphanage, and has a solid faith in God and is a devoted Catholic. Florida is a world away from the city and Catholic orphanage, but the teaching of Mother Superior was ingrained in Agnes, especially, her advice that preachiness is not Godliness and to not offer advice when it is not sought.


Mother Superiors advice to Agnes is sorely tested when she meets Seth Taylor. Seth is the Uncle to young Billy, whom Agnes agreed to watch over on the train until they reached


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