Casual Leather Backpack and Peak Mall Novelty Panda Slippers



Panda Slippers
Panda Slippers

Peak Mall Novelty Lovable Panda Household Soft Plush Antiskid Indoor Home Slippers, Size 4.5 to Size 8

I have fat feet, and the slippers opening was a bit small for me. I usually wear a 7 or 7.5. However, once I had them on they were fine; the process of pulling them on stretched the opening a tad. They now come on and off easily. I love these adorable slippers. Panda’s are so sweet and cute, and these are no exception.

I like the thick soles and the furry inside; my feet are nice and warm. Usually, my feet sweat in slippers, however, this pair has not caused my feet to sweat. I have a foot nerve problem with my feet which causes most to be uncomfortable as they don’t have enough padding. This pair has enough padding on the inside that my feet have not hurt. It is misting rain here today; I went out to the car, and they are still pristine. I did not slip or slide when I walked from the wet ground onto our floors. They are adorable and functional at a good price.

They come in one size which fits a 4 to 8. If the size eight-person has a narrower foot than mine, they might have enough toe room; but I am not sure. I have plenty of toe room, and they are wide enough my feet do not ache. I hope the seller will carry a variety of colors and animals, Amazon product number ASIN: B071W3LTKH





Casual Leather Backpack
Casual Leather Backpack

Casual Leather Backpack, Peak Mall Shoulder Bag Stylish Lovely Daypack for Women and Girls

What a nice backpack. It is not overly large and feels well on my back and shoulders. The straps can be made longer or shorter. It looks like a sleek shoulder bag; by using one strap, I can carry it on my shoulder like a purse.

The main center compartment is roomy, and it has zippered closures and openers to increase depth on each side. If I am carrying a lot inside, I can make it large or smaller as needed. With two pockets inside I have two pockets for my cell phone and other small items, as well as, a zippered closure to hold my inhalers or things I need to secure for instant use. It also has a small zippered pocket on the outside back of the pack. As you can see, it has many places to store items. I can fit my wallet, checkbook, iPad, inhaler, pens, and e-readers inside easily.

With gold hardware, this is a pretty backpack. It is made from synthetic leather and has a nice liner inside. I would not hesitate to take it to church with my Bible inside along with any other items I would need. I walk with a cane; it will free my hands. Using this backpack will eliminate carrying my purse when in town as everything I will need will be inside. I will get a lot of use out of this item.

It is pretty with a sleek, classic design which I will use when wearing jeans or feel like being dressy. I am delighted with this purchase.

NOTE:  I used this backpack to take my hubby’s clothing and personal items for his hospital stay.  It worked great and was easy on back and shoulders; I will use it often to free my hands.  Amazon product number:  ASIN B074164KZ







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