Bride By Mistake By Nicole Helm

This contemporary love story features, good girl virgin Kaitlin and sad seed, bad boy, playboy, Beckett; two Bride by Mistakepeople who do everything they can to live up to what people think and want of them.


Good Girl Kaitlin has been in love with a fantasy, Carter, since elementary school; a fantasy that proposes to and marries her sister. Kaitlin is devastated. Both meet again at the wedding of rich fine reputation Carter and Wild sister Sierra. Beckett had always rubbed Kaitlin the wrong way, and she did her best to rub right back.


Kaitlin decides after loosing her hearts desire and her dream family to her sister, to be bad. Beckett is her target for a night of sin. The trouble with sin is that there are always consequences as Kaitlin and Beckett. They will also discover their feels for each other are not hate after all.


The Author, Nicole Helm has a sub-plot of missing money from Beckett’s business. He’s in business with Kaitlin’s brother, Luke. Bad boy Beckett gets the blame for the missing money, just as he had been blamed thought-out his life for everything that happened or went wrong. The emotions portrayed by Beckett and Kaitlin were vivid. Each in their own way, were misunderstood, feel inferior, and each hid their real emotions under a disguise. No one knows the real Kaitlin or Beckett, least of all himself or herself.


These characters grew emotionally by the end of the story; Beckett has to learn to trust and fight instead of run; Kaitlin had to learn everything didn’t need to have a plan.  I found that the book moved along well.


I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good romance with adversity but a happy ever after ending.


I received this book from Netgalley return for an honest book review.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.

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