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Author Odelia Floris has penned an emotional roller coaster ride in Beguile Me Not.  Set in 1884 Auckland, New Zealand, Ms. Floris takes you into the wealthy ballrooms and lives of society.  Anna Brown, older than the usual husband hunting miss, finds herself once more in the crowded ballrooms.  However, what she finds on this night will change her perceptions forever.  Fate has stepped in and placed Russian artist Sasha Ivanovsky in her path.

However, Anna knows Sasha is not proper society; a painter, poor, bohemian, handsome, and fascinating.  She finds herself enthralled.  After dancing all night with Sasha, determined to remove him from her mind and heart, Anna tries to forget him.   Anna must find a proper husband, and live the upright society life destined for her.  The life ingrained into she person and which rules her destiny.  However, her behavior has set societies tongues wagging.  Sent to her sister at Gravemore Station by her parents, fate throws another wrench into Anna’s life.

A first-rate historical romance, come along with Anna as life throws unexpected challenges and a sea storm blows her well planned life apart.  Will Anna succeed in her quest for the proper society husband and lead a boring ordinary life or does fate have a different scenario in store?  Grab a cup of tea, have a seat, and enjoy a few hours of wonderful entertainment.  My reviews for romance novel Beguile Me Not follows.



Without a doubt, Ms. Floris crafted an epic love story filled with agony and ecstasy.  Odelia Floris kept the emotion in this story at high peak as she leads you from the highest highs to the lowest lows.  Furthermore this story-line has many plots and is multi-faceted.  Ms. Floris brought all the pieces together and created a character driven historical romance.

As in her other works, Beguile Me Not, contains descriptions and prose which grab the reader.  Without a doubt, Beguile Me Not transported me into New Zealand.  I walked on the arid soil. I could see the color of the leaves and smell the sea from her vivid descriptions.  Above all, I could feel the emotions driving the characters.  Also without a doubt, Ms. Floris has mastered the art of story-telling.

With writing skill, Ms. Floris ably shows people who love us do not see us as we see ourselves.   Those which love us, see from the heart, not from the eye.  Ms. Floris skillfully portrayed the importance of finding what really matters in life and the pain of change. Does Anna have the courage to step out from societies standards and grab life with both hands?  Will Anna ever grow from the spoiled little rich girl governed by rules and society?  Will she buck the system or bend under pressure?  At time I wanted to shake Anna until her eyes rolled!  I wanted to yell, grow up little girl!

I found Ms. Floris interpretation and portrayal of societies attitude towards men and their occupation skillful.  Painters of this time period, considered lowly and bohemian, stood outside society.  While a Reverend, considered a solid citizen, worthy of inclusion into the family circle and bloodline, stood within society.

Furthermore, I found the story-line solid, characters well-developed, and pacing consistent with the length of the book.  Ms. Floris writing style is clear and easy to follow.   Also, Ms. Floris did not use fluff or sex to add to the page count.  Ms. Floris included everything need to create an enjoyable story and did so skillfully.  I found the epilogue one of the best I have read for some time; sweet, funny, and insightful.  In conclusion, I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.



I found Beguile Me Not enjoyable and entertaining.  An epic historical romance which will grab you immediately and hold your attention until the last page.  Suitable for young adults and adults, I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys historical romance novels filled with emotion.  Without a doubt, well- worth your time and purchase.



Additionally, I received this book by way of the author in return for a voluntary honest romance novel review.  All book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on line and on my blog are my opinion.






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