How Would You Like To Be: Bayou Bound by Linda Joyce

Bayou Bound


Family Dynamics

Feuds, Secrets, Manipulation


Bayou Bound has it all!


Nicholas Trehan and Biloxi Dutrey’s families have a long-standing feud, and in the South feuds are righteous to the old guard.   The feud will have great impact on Nick and Biloxi’s relationship.


I understood that author, Linda Joyce, knew the south when I read the sentence, “a come-to-Jesus meeting”, for only in the south can that statement have such monumental meaning.


This is a story about families; family dynamics, family secrets, family history, family manipulation, family love, families that stand against all odds, and the love of two people who can bind those two families back together.


Ms. Joyce has a knack for hitting southern families dynamics right on the head of the nail.  She definitely understands long-standing feuds and the damage they can do.   She also understands that times change, the old guard must give to the new guard and new traditions, and time heals hurts and wounds.



The ending could have been different,  if Ms. Joyce had not created a hero and heroine that are strong, romantic, loving, gentle, understanding, confident and have the desire to create a family.


Nicholas and Bilioxi do not have a smooth beginning but it doesn’t take long before the attraction is mutual and hot.  Nicholas desires a family.  Bilioxi wants to reinvent the family fortune as it is floundering; she wants control as the keeper of the family to bring them into the 21 century.


Bilioxi will find that Nicholas will always be there for her with true abiding love, and Nicholas will discover a strong love of a lifetime in Bilioxi. The way to lasting love is not a smooth ride for Nicholas and Bilioxi with the old guard feud, the other woman trying to cause problem, and Bilioxi’s desire to become keeper of the family. The development of Ms. Joyce’s character was good, and the plotting will you interested.



I recommend everyone come aboard for the ride through the deep south and enjoy an entertaining story by a talented author. It does contain sex featuring two people in love; I recommend the book to young adults to adult.


I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest review.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.

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