Bad Moon Rising by Mina Carter


Bad Moon Rising


New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author

A Hunky Werelion!

A Thief That’s Not What She Seems!

Sexual Attraction!

The Pages Steam!



Story Line:

Wow!  This novella is action packed with shifters, demons, werelocks, betrayal, and a hunky purring feline shifter that gets our heroine’s motor running.  Ms. Carter’s heroine, Beth, has run since she was 11 years old when her Warlock father tried to kill her.


Springing a tail for a Warlock just is not done.  After all, Warlocks are a snobby group.  That tail revealed a hidden family secret of shifter blood that could not be tolerated.


Rescued by a powerful demon sorceress and taught all the sorceress knew, Beth is a powerful magic user and successful thief for the right price.  This was her last job.


Enter our hero, Alex Sullivan aka Sully, a top level operative for the Agency.  Alex has tracked Beth for some time.  Charged sexual attraction ignites between these two.  His lion wants to roar and of course other things, and Beth is charged up ready to play.  Alex’s lion recognizes what Beth will be to him.


Beth stole the Fenrir Claw belonging to the Latvarian Collective for a huge price.  The Latvarian Collective is the most brutal and dangerous werewolf alliances and Beth had stolen their artifact.  Beth as an unbeliever in the power of the Fenrir Claw, is marked for death by the Latvarian.  The White Wolf, Ksenija,  a ruthless and deadly tracker, is placed on her trail.


The chase is on as Ms. Carter takes the characters on a deadly run full of action, sexual attraction, a few surprises, and an explosive ending.  You will find Cousin Hale in this book.  The action is nonstop and the sexual attraction is explosive.



Characters, Plotting, And Development:

Author Mina Carter created a strong woman in Beth. Her character development was progressive and made the book a good read. This novella is not packed full of fluff to increase the word count, but a full blown story from start to finish.  I found the length just right for this story; not too long, not too short.


The language in this short novel is typical of this modern genre; if the F word and others of this kind are offensive to you, this book would be a pass. It also contain sexual content; hot explicit sexual content.


Ms. Carters writing style, pacing of the story, and development was in line with the progression of the story and its’ length.  It did not lag and kept my attention throughout. The novella is well constructed with twists and turns.


Ms. Carter kept the tension at a high level and held my interest as I followed Beth and Sully.  The sexual aspect of this novella leaps off the pages. You will feel the heat; grab a cold beverage, perhaps a fan, relax and enjoy.




Any book which starts in Deep Gap near the Dragon’s Tail run will be a good one, then add in a hunky werelion and his mate, and you have a winner.  I am sure you have heard of this motorcycle and sports car run in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.


I have ridden this road in a small sports car.  It’s a grab your underwear, hold on and pray ride. Everyone should ride the Dragon’s Tale at least once in their life.


If you like shifter novels with action and explicit sexual content (mating of a mated pair and its preludes) written by a seasoned author, this book is for you.  I would recommend the novel to adults only due to language and sexual content.


I received this novel from the author in return for an honest book review.


Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name and on my blog www.verasbookreviewsandstuff,com are my opinion.

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