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Angus Trust, Grooms of Honor By Linda Hubalek
Angus Trust, Cover



Angus Trust is book 1 in the Grooms of Honor Series.  Having followed Nolan and Elof in earlier books as they found their happy ever after, Hubalek takes us back to Clear Creek.  Angus is the eldest of Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan’s sons.  Raised in Clear Creek, Kansas along with five other brothers, he was the only one to take up with the railroad train depot manager; where he developed a love of trains and the rails. He has been a railroad detective for many years following after his love of anything railroad.  After years of detective work for the railroad, he’s beginning to wish for a stationary home with a wife and family.

Daisy Clancy, raised in Clear Creek by her grandparents, owners of the local café, found herself side by side with Angus until the day he left Clear Creek for adventure on the railroad.  Daisy left Clear Creek to get an education and work after Angus left.  To say Angus and Daisy grew up together would be an understatement; they also fell in puppy love; or was it?

Fate has placed Angus and Daisy on the same railroad train headed to Clear Creek when a robbery occurs.  Finding themselves alone at the side of the tracks will memories of old loves return?  My reviews of romance novel, Angus Trust, follows.



Firstly, let me say what a wonderful cast of characters Hubalek’s imagination created for the Grooms of Honor Series.  As I began reading Angus Trust, I felt I was returning to a beloved town filled with my friends, with everyone waiting to tell me the latest gossip and goings-on.  A close-knit town, the Reagan family, although not of blood relation except two of the six, are examples of family love and unconditional support found in Clear Creek.  Clear Creek’s a place of community, love, and support.  I wondered how many of these small towns dotted the prairie and west.

Angus and Daisy’s romance is sweet but not without its trials as Angus tarried in staking his claim on Daisy. Angus, a man of principles, raised by a loving mother and a gentle yet firm preacher father, is also a moral man.  He stands for what he believes regardless of the consequences.  Daisy’s character is perfect for Angus.  She’s an independent young woman, fierce when defending the ones she loves, yet still willing to follow the guidance of her man.

The plot’s steady and the story-line progressed smoothly as the story evolved.  I loved meeting characters from earlier books again and catching up with their lives.  Hubalek interwove the secondary characters into the story-line skillfully.  In concluding my reviews for romance novel, Angus Trust, I found a solid well-written book filled with believable characters.  I have come to love each one of them; except for the villains of course.  Watching the town develop as the stories progress through each book is wonderful.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.



I gave Angus Trust 4 well-deserved stars.  If you have not read the earlier books by Linda Hubalek, I highly recommend you do so.  Her vivid descriptions of the pioneer era and lifestyle is enlightening and vastly enjoyable.


In addition, I received this  book/novel and I voluntarily chose to review this romance novel with an honest reviews for romance novel, Angus Trust.  Hence, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  No one influenced by voluntary reviews of romance novel, Angus Trust.



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