An Elaborate Hoax by Shirley Marks

Book Review

Mr. David Cavanaugh has a problem. His Grandmother has been on her death-bed several times; she elaborte hoaxwanted him married with heirs before she died. He invented a family, then she miraculously recovered.

He kept up the ruse to keep her healthy and happy. On her death-bed again, David must produce his family. Mrs. Penny Parker is just what he needs, along with his niece and nephew as his children. This begins the tale of David and Penny.


David’s idea of caring for his grandmother is writing to her not providing his companionship.
David is rather dense when it comes to women and their emotions or how to deal with either. Author Shirley Marks portrayed him as rather out of touch, in his words, he never seemed to do the right thing. Is David correct, are his grandmothers servants ease-dropping on their every word? Did everyone really believe his hoax family really existed?


Mrs. Penny Parker takes on the task of moving David from standing back and watching life, to becoming involved in the everyday world of family life. As with many gentlemen of his time period, they did not take part in the raising of the child, or everyday family life. Ms Marks portrayed Penny’s impatience with David very well. I wanted to shake him at times which I am sure was Ms. Walker intention.


The berry picking episode was very funny, David was really out of his element, as well as the donkey adventure. I howled out loud it was so funny, David was not at home in the outdoors! Ms. Marks has a way with humor.


Penny and David danced around their attraction. The pacing was good with this book and her character development was very good. I found David’s enlightenment to family and life paced well and very funny. David’s road to happy ever after was a little rocky. Author Shirley Marks created a very good Regency Romance.


I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys regency romance.


I received this book from Net Galley in return for an honest book review.


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