Alone and Expecting: (Soldier’s Widow Mail Order Brides Book 3) by Susan Leigh Carlton

Book Review

Author Susan Leigh Carlton has written another winner series; this is book 3 of the widow series. From the Alone and Expectingopening prologue that described the infamous battle of Gettysburg where we as a country lost so many of our fine young men on both side to the last page I was hooked.  I cried over all those lost lives and the lives that would be changed forever forward from this awful war; men, women, child forever changed some for good, some for worse in desperate times.

Cindy Britton is widowed after this awful battle, left pregnant and with a son, Titus a little over 2 years old.

Whit Goodson, a rancher, survived the war to only have Apache burn out his ranch; he became the best trail boss in the west and his life continued. He signs on with Tom Cannon to drive cattle to Montana, and stays on as foreman of Tom’s ranch. Whit wants a home, wife and children; mail order brides were frequent out west due to the shortage of women and the shortage of men in the east due to the war.

This is all said to set up the love story of Cindy and Whit. This is a story not to be missed in the series. Ms. Carlton does a wonderful of setting the ground work, describing the areas, and filling her stories with emotion; I could feel how desperate Cindy became and fearful; her family betrayed her in the worse way. I could feel Whit’s goodness, his steadfastness and his desire for a home. Ms. Carlton created two very strong characters in Cindy and Whit as well as Miriam and Tom who had their set of problems to overcome. The west required men and women of strength and character to settle and overcome all the adversities, which Ms. Carlton embedded in all her characters. I felt they were friends by the time I reached the last page as I followed them to their happy ever after. This was an easy quick read that I enjoyed and look forward to Ms. Carlton’s next book.

I reviewed this book at the author’s request; the review is fully my opinion and was not influenced by anyone.

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