A Hard Candy Christmas By Hebby Roman



An Abandoned Woman Abused By Her Husband


A Strong Man With Issues Of His Own





In this novel by Author Hebby Roman we find Clint Graham sheep rancher and newly appointed Sheriff inquiring at the boardinghouse for a place to stay in town. He will have his hands full with the sheep ranchers and railroad workers at odds and his attraction to Abigail and her son. He has tragedies in his past he has not resolved.


Abigail Kerr Sanford, abandoned wife and mother, is a slave in her father’s boardinghouse.  After an awkward interview with Abigail, Clint rents a room from Abigail’s father.  What follows is a dance of attraction for Abigail and Clint; each has issues to resolve.  This is a sweet story.


Abigail is downtrodden by her father;  he is her only means of support.  Abigail is a frightened, introverted woman, abandoned by her abusive husband, and abused emotionally by her father’s miserly domineering attitude. Her life had been hard.




This is a short novel.  I found the author, Hebby Roman kept my interest and the development of the characters was good.  Ms. Roman created a very ugly character in Abigail’s father. One that was domineering and exacting.  He was a greedy man who forced his family to live in near property except for his wealthy house with poor furnishings.  He is one of those characters that almost makes you want to cheer when they die.


Clint has his own past to deal with as well.  He has hurts and tragedies that run deep.  Ms. Roman developed a strong patient man in Clint.  Can Abigail and Clint overcome their past to find lasting love and live life to the fullest?


This story has a lot of emotion as Author Hebby Roman developed Clint Graham’s character to accept his life’s tragedies and brought Abigail from a frightened introverted woman to a confident one.  I loved watching both deal with their issues.  Clint and Abigail will face several crises; will they overcome these crises and come out on the other side whole?  The pacing of this story did not lag as it kept my interest to the end.



I liked this short novel, however I felt it could have been fleshed out more.  I recommend this book for an adult audience as it has sexual content, however it is not explicit x rated.


I received this book from Reading Alley in return for an honest book review.


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