A Chance At Love By T. K. Chapin


A Chance At Love



Searching For Answers

Love and Romance

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Kyle Reynolds is a nineteen year-old searching for answers:  what should he do for a career, how will he find and win the love of his life, does God fit into his life and if so, how?  He has a year off from school before he must choose a study program.  Kyle instinctively knows the girl he saw while delivering pizza to Calvary Church is one he must meet and come to know.


This story carries you through Kyle’s support and guidance by his Christian grandmother, finding Christ as his Savior, meeting God’s choice for him Emily Hayden, prejudices and preconceived perceptions of him by other Christians, and most of all, coming to trust God and what he has in store for his life.


This is a wonderful story from the pen of Author T. K. Chapin that teaches life lessons of trusting in God.  Come alone and join the journey from sinner to salvation, from loneliness to love, and all the trials, tribulations, wonders, and life lessons.



Author T. K. Chapin skillfully demonstrates that with God nothing is left to chance; everything happens for a purpose.  The character development in this novel was well done.  Mr. Chapin developed Kyle’s character from a young man searching for answers, to a man who is secure in his love and trust in God.


God worked through the teachings of Kyle’s grandmother to work His plan. Mr. Chapin showed that God uses many different avenues to bring us to his fold and teach us his ways.  Mr. Chapin skillfully demonstrates that as Christians we are still sinners with prejudices and ungodly opinions; yet, regardless, God in his infinite wisdom still loves us and forgives us on a daily basis.


Emily has her own insecurities, a huge secret, and a protective family that is devoutly Christian.  Kyle and Emily will have to let God carry through with his divine plan.


Mr. Chapin’s presentation of this wonderful sweet love story does not feel pushy or forced in his representation of the salvation story and God’s love for his creation, man.  The pacing of the novel did not lag or slow.  I found this an intriguing book with wonderful life lessons.


Mr. Chapin’s writing ability is very evident in the development and pacing of this book.  He has a well-developed approach presenting Christians as human with all our human faults and frailties and God’s care and love for us.  He creatively shows Christians as sinners, saved by grace, and forgiven by God.  I loved watching Kyle come to know God and rely on God’s grace and accept that Christians are as human as the unsaved man.




I highly recommend this book. All of Mr. Chapin’s books are wonderful and this one is no exception.  I look forward to the next rending by Mr. Chapin.


I received this book from the author in return for an honest book review.


Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.




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