A Bride At Last by Jagears, Melissa

A bride at Last


A Homeless Child

The School Teacher That Loves Him

And A Hunky Hero



Story Line:

Kate Dawson, resident school teacher,cares for Lucy Riverton and her young son Anthony, in Missouri 1885.  The Rivertons live in poverty in a run down boarding house and Lucy is dying.  Lucy ran from two husbands.


According to Lucy, husband number one, Silas Jonesey a farmer, treated her like a work horse and husband number two, Richard Fitzgerald a drunkard and gambler, was physically abusive to her and Anthony.


Kate loves Anthony, and wants to care for him, but there is problem, both husbands have appeared the day Lucy died and both want him; Silas was an orphan and has always wanted a family.  The fact that he may not be Anthony ‘s father doesn’t matter to him.  Richard is determined to get the boy because he is an accomplished pickpocket.


Anthony runs away when Richard is granted custody. Kate and Silas join together to find Anthony, much to the town people and school boards disapproval.


Characters, Plotting, And Development:

Author Melissa Jagears did a wonderful job of portraying the moral standards and restrictions placed on female school teachers in this time period.  The restrictions were ridiculous.  Ms. Jagears gave this story such depth of emotion. I could feel Kate’s despair at not finding Anthony, and her deep desire for Silas to care for her and school boards disgust of Kate.


I could feel Kate fear of emotional entanglement. Silas has never known love nor the feeling of being wanted, I could feel his deep desperation of desiring love and a family, his feelings of abandonment runs deep.  He didn’t even know his last name.


Ms. Jagears portrayal of  his life was so descriptive, I could feel the desperation and despair.  Ms Jagears created two people in need of home, family, and love. Their life has not been a bed of roses, and they still have more trials before they are happy ever after,  yet Kate and Silas still have faith in God.


Ms. Jagears added an element of surprise about where Anthony would be found. That was one place I had not thought of.  Kate and Silas’s leave-taking at the train station was very emotional, leaving Kate in a quarry about what to do.


Should she accept Silas proposal?  I could feel Kate’s indecision and desire.  Kate’s decision is taken out of her hands when the School Board relieves her of her duty.  She has nowhere to go but to Silas and Anthony.


I laughed when Ms. Jagears described both of their actions;   Kate’s on the train, Silas on the at the train depot. Ms. Jagears paints a vivid picture with  words, and I could see their emotions of agitation, insecurity, and desperate need.


They are awkward,  insecure, neither knowing the others wishes is the same thing they wish for.  We follow Kate, Silas and Anthony through the pits falls of:  revelations that paint an unbecoming light on Kate, overcoming, meshing, and becoming a family.


The road is not an easy one.  Silas is terrified of abandonment, and since Kate ran from two engagements and her sister’s abusive home, he sees a pattern of abandonment.  Kate loves Anthony and Silas, she is at the end of her rope, no money, no job found, and nowhere to go.


Armed with advice from the quilting circle, Kate sets out to change Silas mind.  Kate and Silas go thru a harrowing experience as Anthony disappears again.  But this is the catalysis that Silas needed to finally get go and accept what God has given him in Kate.


The action is steady in this book and the characters grow from insecure, bitter and despairing to strong loving people who form one unit.  My attention never lagged as the story kept my interest. Ms Jagears has created a wonderful story with many facets.  The pacing was excellent.



I would highly recommend this book. My attention never lagged.  It is a clean Christian romance and very enjoyable.  Ms. Jaegars portrayed the attitudes and restrictions of the time period very well.  I am sure you will enjoy this novel.


I received this book from the publisher, Bethany Book, and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


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