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Unchained Melody By Cynthia Roberts




Unchained Melody by Cynthia Roberts
Unchained Melody, cover











In the romance, Unchained Melody by author Cynthia Roberts, Pamela Landers, young up and coming attorney has it all.  Wealthy, owns a high-priced condo, drives an expensive car and a career soon headed for partnership;  so, what’s missing?  Ah, elusive love, husband, and children are missing from her life.  Work has been her life up to this point.  On vacation in ski country, she and fate will collide.

Meeting Gavin for the first time minutes before she see’s his car plummet off the snowy roadside cliff, Pamela, immediately knew she had to try to help him.   Sit back, get comfortable, as fate will step in and perhaps unchain Pamela’s heart in the form of handsome, wealthy, and secretive Gavin Templeton.  My romance reviews follow.


Does love at first sight exist?  Ask Pamela and Gavin, as they will have an answer for you.  In Unchained Melody, the author gives the reader the premise of attraction and love at first sight.  Pamela’s character has locked her heart away as


Grim Angel By Dominika Waclawiak


Grim Angel
Grim Angel, Cover



Grim Angel is an intense psychological suspense thriller by author Dominika Waclawiak.  Something strange is happening in the Sunshine Assisted Living Facility in the old, famous, and haunted Bockerman Hotel.  Once a prominent hang out for the stars and famous of its day, now has hit on hard times as a senior facility.  People are dying at an alarming rate.  Resident Barney Leonard does not believe his beloved Barbara died from natural causes.  Calling in the police and ghost hunters who bring along psychic, Sara Caine, everyone will get more than they ever thought possible.  For a serial killing monster’s at work, and he’s just getting started again.  My review of psychological thriller, Grim Angel, follows


First, I must say, do not read this book late at night.  The author has a way with words which will keep you up listening for things to go bump.  Combining law enforcement, paranormal, psychological elements, historical figures, and history, Waclawiak created a roller coaster ride for her readers. This creepy mind-bending book grabs the reader in the first few sentence as Waclawiak set the hook and twists it in deep.  I had chill bumps at times.

Writing the book from present to past and back again in different chapters, was a very skillful stroke for this story.  As well as,


His Stubborn Sweet Bride By Chloe Carley


A Christian Romance Novel

His Stubborn Sweet Bride
His Stubborn Sweet Bride










Proper English gentleman Nate Trowbridge and his sister, Leonie, inherited a ranch in the wild West of America.  Informed by ranch hand Will everything’s in good shape, they journey to their new inheritance. However, upon arriving their lives take a sharp turn right.

Not only is the ranch in an awful state, but through no fault of his own Nate also finds himself engaged to Irish Molly Clanahan.  Jem, through a series of hilarious events, delivered the proposal letter to the wrong woman. Molly refuses to release him from his written proposal.  Instead of a gently bred young lady he intended to wed, Nate finds himself engaged to a “gold digging hayden” who is holding on to his proposal with an iron grip.  Molly has reasons for refusing to go away quietly;  reasons she holds secret.  Leonie, a hopeless romantic, takes Molly under her wing;  taking Molly’s side against her brother.  Things are heating up on the ranch as Leonie refuses to believe Nate will turn Molly away.

When Molly secretly leaves the ranch, Nate decides to find out Molly’s secrets and history.  He will find his reputation, honor, heart, and his very life, on the line in His Stubborn Sweet Bride.  Oh the adventure ahead for all in this story. My Christian romance book reviews of His Stubborn Sweet Bride follows.


What an adventure is in store for the reader in this sweet clean Christian novelChloe Carley filled this novel with mystery, upper-crust English, secrets, and, of course, romance.  With Molly’s desperation to stay and bring Nate to heel, and Nathan’s horror of the situation he found himself, I stayed glued to this story.  Then Carley included a villain that no one would like.  The Wild West was a time of lawlessness, greed, and wicked men.  The villain, Jack, is the perfect example of wickedness;  I couldn’t wait for him to get his due.


The Doctor’s Love By Faith Crawford


A Mail Order Bride Romance

The Doctor's Love
The Doctor’s Love










When Felicity Shepherd’s sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident, she and her sister’s child, Rosa, are left destitute.  Seeing no other way of support for her and Rose, she answers a mail order bride advertisement from Doctor Andrew Rivers in Montana.

However when she arrives, she finds Doctor Rivers’ sister advertised for a bride, and Andrew wants no part of it.   A kind man, he offers her a position as his housekeeper.  Felicity is stricken with Andrew’s kind heart and ways.  With Felicity keeping house for him and coming closer, he still did not want a wife, but she still wants a husband.  Enter stage right, the young law clerk Victor Godwin.  Victor wants a wife and begins to court Felicity.  Will Rivers see the competition squiring Felicity about town and have a change of heart?  Has he waited too late to realize his interest in the beguiling Felicity?  My romance book reviews of The Doctor’s Love follows.


The Doctor’s Love is a short, sweet romance which is an excellent read.  Faith Crawford created a kind man in Andrew Rivers, but one who is also blind to what he needs and really wants.  As she developed his character, it is fantastic to see him realize what he gave up in haste.

I found Felicity’s desperation to marry one of an immature young woman who had always been taken care off by her sister and brother-in-law.  Felicity matures by leaps and bound in this sweet clean romance.  She goes from a frightened young woman to a mature one who learns the value of her worth and earning a living.  I loved watching her grow into an independent person.  Including Rosa was a great stroke by Crawford, she is a beautiful child.  Who


Love’s Cure By Emily Murdoch


First Street Church Romances: Love’s Cure

Love's Cure
Love’s Cure










Love’s Cure is the fourth book in the Sweet Grove Beginnings series.  Featuring Doctor Gerald Anderson and Mariana Bryant, Emily Murdoch enlarges the town with a doctor and explores Mariana’s blindness.  Geralds run from or driven out of every town he set up practice since losing a patient in a terrible mill accident.  Sweet Grove could be the place of solitude, peace, and new beginnings he needs.

Mariana Bryant blinded by an incompetent doctor at the age of four has no love for doctors.  Upon meeting Doctor Gerald Anderson, her opinion does not change.  Determined to ignore him, she gives him the cold shoulder.  However, God has other plans for these two as they struggle with secrets and inadequacy.  My romance book reviews of Love’s Cure follows.


Sweet Grove, Texas, a small community populated by Bryants, features in each story in this series .  However, adding a doctor, to the population is the beginning of growth.  Each of the Bryant’s are building a life in Sweet Grove. The brother’s stories are in earlier books in this series, and each is a standalone read.  However, to increase your enjoyment, I would suggest reading the entire series.

Mariana, twin to Pastor Thomas Bryant, craves independence, as well as, wishing everyone would not hover over her.  She is fiercely independent, strong, and her ability to move in her surrounding impressive.  With her hatred and slanted view of doctors, Gerald Anderson has a long road ahead to change her mind.  Two souls destined to come together, they have faith in God.  However, they can not understand the workings of God in their individual situations;  they have suffered much in life.  Mariana wants a family but sees no way that will happen.  Gerald wants only peace in Sweet Grove until he sees Mariana and realizes he wants it all;   Mariana, a family, and his practice.


Any Way You Want It By Monique McDonell



An Upper Crust Series Novel (The Upper Crust Series Book 5)

Any Way You Want It by Monique McDonell
Any Way You Want It, Cover











Author Monique McDonell created a sweet heartwarming romance in Any Way You Want It.  It is an entertaining light read which will hold your attention. Grab a comfortable seat because you will read this book straight through. Chloe ran from her former life, a member of a strict religious cult, straight into the arms of an unprincipled man.  Shy, introverted, naïve, and unworldly, Chloe ran when she realized what he was.  Finally finding a home with her Uncle in a small, close-knit town, Chloe runs the local ice cream parlor after his retirement.

Moose, AKA Tom, knew Chloe’s special from their first meeting.  Unsure how to get Chloe’s attention, Moose shows up just as the nightmare from her former life appears.  She has a stalker, who is ugly and vindictive, with plans to make her life miserable. Chloe’s terrified and thinks she’s all alone in her fight; she finds Moose, and the town has her back. Will shy introverted Chloe find happiness with outgoing, extroverted Moose?  Can Chloe overcome her insecurities to grab life with both hands?

Come along with Chloe, Moose, and the community as they fight evil, bring justice to Chloe, as well as, find happiness and love along the way.  My romance book reviews of Any Way You Want It, follows.


Although a well-crafted romance novel, McDonell filled this story with emotion and life lessons.  McDonell enables the


The Whispering Room By Dean Koontz


The Whispering Room
The Whispering Room










In The Whispering Room, Jane Hawke is on the run. Not only is she running for her and her son’s life, but Jayne is also trying to stop a conspiracy which could end life in America as we know it.   A group of powerful and influential men have plans for the American people.  Jane is determined to find and destroy as many of them as she can.  As well as, unravel the real purpose of the conspiracy.

Jayne’s husband supposedly committed suicide.  However, when other suspicious suicides occur, Jayne follows the trail to a place no one would suspect of harboring a nightmare.  Jayne becomes a predator as she finds clue after clue.  Jayne is hunting the hunters and kicking butt.  Will Jayne become as bad as the men she is hunting or will they find her first?  My mystery suspense book reviews of The Whispering Room follows.


The second book in the Jane Hawke novel’s is a roller coaster ride of action and suspense, as well as, thought-provoking and chilling. When technology is in the hands of a few greedy demented people, evil easily occurs.  Dean Koontz explores the avenues open to the greedy few in high places and the results.  While nothing is as it


Cold Comfort By Trevor Douglas


Bridgette Cash Mystery Thriller Book 1

Cold Comfort
Cold Comfort



Cold Comfort, the first book in the Bridgette Cash Mystery Series, features Bridgette Casseldhorf;  she’s a rookie detective on her first murder investigation.  No one believes Bridgette when she is sure they have a serial killer at large; least of all her crusty opinionated partner.  As a result, will she convince the powers in charge or will they ignore the rookie detective as a killer plies his trade?  My book reviews follow.


Cold Comfort is a fast-paced, nonstop thriller.  The author grabbed me immediately and did not let go until the final page.  He held me in the palm of his hand with descriptive writing, many twists and turns, multi-plotting, and the vividly choreographed scenes.

Each character is fully developed;  from the self-serving Assistant Commissioner to the savvy, intelligent serial killer.   Trevor Douglas‘ writing is fluid and flows smoothly.  His portrayal of the crusty, socially clueless, seasoned detective, Lance Hoffman, is excellent.   With retirement in less than three months, Hoffman has little time for social niceties. Watching Hoffman and Casseldhorf warm up to each other is a thing to behold.  Including the compassionate, understanding, seasoned Chief Inspector, Felix Delray balanced the scales of tension between Hoffman and Casseldhorf. Then, the author added a self-serving obnoxious Assistant Commissioner of the Hartbourne Metropolitan Police, Leo Cunningham.  What a stroke of genius;  this added another layer of controversy and departmental jealousy to the storyline.

Trevor Douglas gave Bridgette a background of a family torn apart by murder and accusation.  He then added in a police conspiracy, which ramped up the plot.  As she slowly learns more and more including the involvement of the police force, she is also on the trail of an intelligent, savvy, and prolific serial killer.  For good measure, he threw in a jurisdictional take over by the FBI.  However,  Bridgette and the team are one step ahead of the Feds.  I had a good laugh when Chief Delray ——-, no that would be a spoiler.  You can only get the scoop by reading Cold Comfort.


Love, Stock, and Barrel By Crystal L. Barnes








Love, Stock, And Barrel



Head-Strong Woman On The Run

Poor Cowboy With A Passel of Family Responsibility

Mysteries And Questions





This is the second book in the series, Marriage and Mayhem;  it is a stand-alone novel;  you do not have to read the first book to enjoy Love, Stock, And Barrel.  This is a lovely clean Christian western romance.  I was hooked me from the first page to the end of the tale.  She has the art of storytelling fine-tuned.


In this novel, Dinah (D. J.) Lexington, a skilled gun smith,  is on the run from an uncaring father and a philandering fiance. (There is a story behind using her initials for her name).  After finding her mother’s diary, she knows where she is going;  West, Young Woman, Go West!  she travels West dressed as a boy.

She finds unanswered questions and mysteries in her mother’s diary and is on a mission to find Pete Atkins in Crystal Falls, Texas.  For reasons unknown to Dinah, before her death, her mother hired a private detective to find Pete.  To add to the mystery, her mother’s maiden name was Atkins. Why was her mother looking for Pete Atkins? 


Exception To The Rule By Charlotte Symonds



Exception To The Exception To The Rule by Charlotte Symonds
Exception To The Rule, Cover










Exception To The Rule, a fast-paced, funny romance filled with emotion and drama, will captivate the reader from the first paragraphs to the last sentence.  Delilah ghostwrites for a famous romance writer creating love scenes which scorch her computer screen;  she has complete control of the men in her stories.  She’s a voyeur watching her very hunky neighbor through her window and hides in the apartment, living her sex life thru her characters.  Delilah refuses to become involved in romantic relationships or dating; she uses men for one night stands before they can use her.

Sharing living arrangements with her best friend Rhen, Delilah’s safe from real romantic relationships as she’s sequestered away from men in her make-believe world. Delilah is Rhen’s cover for family and business functions as he’s still in the closet;  safely tucked away from exposure with the beautiful Delilah on his arm.  Delilah’s safe from emotional entanglements and relationships as Rhen’s make-believe girlfriend. Both are hiding from issues which have followed them from childhood as they cover for each other.

Delilah lives by a strict set of rules.  However, she finds that rules are made to be broken.  As fate steps in, Delilah discovers there’s an


Kickstarter By Emily E K Murdock







You have an awesome opportunity to get behind the creation of a new eight-book series. As Emily E K Murdock states on the Kickstarter website:

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Let’s get behind Emily E K Murdock and support her newest endeavor.  Check out Emily’s Kickstarter Program under:

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Ravishing Regencies Kickstarter





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Emily E. Murdock Books
Emily E. Murdock Books

Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce


A Lee Truelove Novel

Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce
Kiss Of Death, Cover










In Kiss Of Death, Detective Bruno Norcross, once again, faces his nemesis.  A horrible murder occurred five years ago, and Bruno had the killer in the palm of his hand.  Unfortunately, he got away.  Then after five years, he’s back again with another reign of terror.  The latest victim Rosie had a stalker, Lee Truelove;  Lee would never harm the woman he loved.  Will Lee Truelove, be the link to finally catching this serial killer?  Who is the mysterious character going by the name, Mr. Brown?  How does he relate to the killings?

Grab a beverage, set back and enjoy my review of Kiss Of Death.


Firstly, I must tell the reader Kiss Of Death needs editing; I found numerous errors which interrupted the flow of the book. That said, I must also state the premise of the story was very good. Secondly, the mystery and suspense were kept at high peak as the reader follows this investigation.  With an ending which is surprising and unexpected, this story would receive four stars if not for the editing.


Bright by Mary Paddock












In Bright, Hannah Whitfield’s a married woman having an affair.  It was not planned but happened slowly from friendship and flirtation.  From the loneliness of her marriage, she needs reaffirmation she’s someone with thoughts, desires, and worth.  It was to be a light affair with the terms of “when it’s over it’s over,” agreed by Hanna and Clint.

As a Christian, she knows its wrong and finds it harder and harder to live with herself.  She decides to break off the affair, confess to her husband Jeff, and concentrate on her marriage.  Although Clint appears to accept her decision, he is far from ready to give up Hanna.

Jeff although devastated by Hanna’s revelation, admits she was not alone in her transgressions;  his inattentiveness led to her seeking love and affirmation from another man.  Deciding to work on their marriage, they are making progress and plan a camping trip to renew their closeness.

However, Clint appears at their campsite with plans of his own.  Clint’s plans change the course of Jeff, Hanna, and their children’s lives forever.  No one will ever be the same again.  My book reviews of Bright follows.


Author Mary Paddock has the rare talent of storytelling at its best in Bright.  I found myself engrossed in the characters and the storyline immediately as she led me through the “why” of Clint and Hanna’s affair.  Why did a thirty-something woman with a successful career, a husband, and three children risk everything?  This question had many layers which Paddock skillfully revealed.  As humans, we have a tenancy to become self-absorbed, uncommunicative, and blind to everyday issues and relationships;  we tend to bury our heads in the sand.  Mary Paddock skillfully wove these characteristics into Jeff’s personality.  In turn, revealing the effect upon Hanna and their marriage.  Hanna was ripe for the plucking when Clint entered her life.  However, nothing turned out as she thought.  As a result, disaster waited just ahead for Hanna and her family as Clint revealed his real personality. 


My Daddy The Serial Killer By Cindy Kovacik












In My Daddy The Serial Killer, Katelyn thought her Daddy a normal loving father until the age of six.  She discovers her Daddy’s something evil, something she’s too young to understand fully.  As time goes on, Katelyn’s understanding deepens and her fright increases.  She sees and hears unimaginable things in the cellar of her home.  While withstanding psychological and physical abuse, Katelyn’s alone in her traumatic world.  While everyone else sees what they want to see, Katelyn knows her daddy’s a serial killer.

Follow Katelyn as she grows up in an environment we can only imagine.  What are the results of living a life of abuse and mental torture?  Will Katelyn survive her Daddy’s pathological need to torment and kill?  My review of My Daddy, The Serial Killer, follows.



First, I must say this is one of the most horrendously traumatic books I have ever read.  I don’t know where to start with my review.  So here goes, author Cindy Kovacik created a story filled with drama, abuse, murder, and much more;  seen through the eyes of a child.  Katelyn suffered mental abuse from childhood as her father played games with her mind and practiced his evil trade.  Kovacik gave the reader a look at the world of the serial killer and his psychotic, manipulative world.  A psychopath without conscience or remorse, he made Katelyn’s life a living hell.  While appearing to the world as a typical father, he was the worst of demons.


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