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The Grumpface By B.C.R. Fegan


Daniela Frongia (Illustrator)

The Grumpface
The Grumpface










In The Grumpface, B. C. R. Fegan author and Daniela Frongia illustrator, crafted an entertaining book for any child.  With a premise easy to follow, the child will giggle and wiggle as they listen to this fun filled book.

A grumpy man became grumpy with a wizard.  The wizard changed him into Grumpface and placed him deep in the dark forest.  Grumpface would have to laugh before he would change back to a man.  He devised a game for the people who wandered into the forest.  They had to complete three task or stay in the forest.  Dan wanted to find a rose for the flower vender, Bella, who he loved.  Going into the forest, he meets Grumpface and laughter follows as Dan tried to complete the three task.

I love rhyming poems and stories; I am sure any child would love to have this book.  The rhyming will catch the adult or child’s attention immediately.  Children will find the rhyming easy to remember and follow.  All children love to have someone read to them; this book is perfect for any time of day as you set with your child.

With illustrations, detailed and colorful, children will love looking at the pages in The Grumpface.  I do not think they will be frighten as Grumpface resembles an old grumpy green leprechaun.  With help from the reader/adult, children will understand laughter can change a person’s attitude and outlook;  the reader/adult should explain Grumpface becomes a different person after seeing Dan’s funny attempts to complete the three task.  The reader/adult can also impress upon the child how the man became Grumpface; an excellent teaching tool.  An adult could sit with the child who’s reading age and explain the concepts of the book.


Wucaii By Pembroke Sinclair


Wucaii, Cover
Wucaii, Cover


In Wucaii, author Pembroke Sinclair, has created an intensely entertaining fantasy fiction novel.  Human/dragon hybrid Aelana left home 500 years ago. During her time away, she has saved people and destroyed worlds.  She’s back bringing salvation for people willing to listen and heed.  Having spent her life destroying and saving, Aelana has known trials, tribulations, lost of her lifelong love, and loneliness.

While on her home planet, she will encounter the reincarnation of her lost love.  Will they be able to survive the coming apocalypse?  Can they save the people and defeat the evil stalking them?

Grab your favorite beverage and have a seat; my fantasy fiction novel review of Wucaii follows.


Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this fantasy fiction novel.  Although I read and review fantasy, it is not my favorite genre.  However, Wucaii, was intriguing from the first page and held my attention throughout.  I look forward to reading more by Sinclair.  Secondly, I found the character development by author Pembroke Sinclair, spot on as she progressively developed each character.  With the addition of the


Wicked, Manor, And Murder By Lotta Smith


Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery: A Cozy Mystery Book 7

Wicked, Manor, And Murder
Wicked, Manor, And Murder










In Wicked, Manor, And Murder, Amanda Meyer and Rick Rowling’s wedding is around the corner.  Busy with wedding plans, Amanda’s surprised when her best friend and bridesmaid Fiona reveals she has seen her dead Granny.  Not only did she see her, Granny gave her a message that she was in grave danger.  Fiona contacted Amanda and Rick to investigate and find who’s placing her in imminent danger.

What they find rivals Hollywood; murder, dark secrets, affairs, ghosts, and danger; along with zany characters and interfering spirits.  My book review of Wicked, Manor, and Murder follows.


Amanda, Rick, and Brian, are back in Smith’s latest installment of the Paranormal In Manhattan Mystery Series.  A standalone read, I would recommend reading the earlier books as they will enhance your reading experience and enjoyment of the characters.

Wicked, Manor, And Murder, Book 7, filled with quips, fun, ghostly presence, deep dark secrets, mystery, and murder, hits the mystery and paranormal mark.  Including many twists and turns, Smith held the plot close to her chest, and revealing the who, what, when, and how, as needed in the story-line.


The Miracle Ship By Brian O’Hare


Conversations with John Gillespie


The Miracle Ship: Conversations with John Gillespie
The Miracle Ship: Conversations with John Gillespie



A wonderful book of courage and deep abiding faith, The Miracle Ship, is a must for Christian and non Christian alike.  The life of a deeply faithful man, John Gillespie, who endured pain unimaginable, and prayed unceasingly for healing.  He discovered we must believe the miracle will be manifested before God will show his power.

Gillespie believes praying and begging unending will not force God to manifest healing until we believe without a shadow of doubt and know the miracle has occurred; even if we have not seen it yet.  Gillespie’s understanding and faith grew as he’s tormented by pain; given no hope from doctors, the Great Physician perfected Gillespie’s miracle.  Gillespie believes Satan’s always ready to place doubt in our minds, he states must hold fast to God’s promise and never stop praying, fasting, and believing.

“ask in faith with no doubting: James 1:6”

Gillespie found God test and tries each of us.  In this testing, we become stronger and have a deeper abiding faith in God.  Resisting God’s call to a healing ministry, Gillespie found he could not ignore God’s plan for him.  He would receive gifts of the Holy Spirit and much more.  When his child’s deviled by Satan, he came to understand God was teaching him of demons. He also discovered he could not fight God’s will; he must surrender his life to God’s plans.  From this point his life was never the same; he must do the work God planned for him.

Gillespie performed many miracles through Jesus Our Savior, healing many immediately, others manifested later.  For it was not him performing these miracles, but God in his infinite power and mercy.   Regardless of what we are fervently asking him to heal, God decides what will be healed and when to manifest the healing. Gillespie believes we must remove all stumbling blocks which stop God’s healing such as unforgiveness, guilt, resentment, contempt, past hurts, grudges, or bitterness.


Request For Help With Benefit by Christian Author Kari L. Trumbo



Kari L. Trumbo

Historical Christian Romance Author



A benefit for James “Ticky-Man” Bailey.



My godson James, aged four and a half, was diagnosed with DIPG, Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, about a month ago. Since then, he’s struggled with losing mobility on his right side and has gone from incredibly articulate to struggling with communication. The tumor affects breathing and blood pressure. It almost exclusively occurs in children. He has to undergo daily radiation treatments. It is for this reason that this week, from 7/23/17 to 7/29/17, I am donating every cent of my royalties to the Bailey family.

I have set up a page where you can select any of my available books, so shopping is easy.

If you have all of my books, or aren’t interested at this time, I’ve also included the GoFundMe link. If you simply can’t help right now, can you share this with others? Clicking on either image will take you to the page and you can share directly from there. Thank you in advance for your help.

DIPG is currently a terminal diagnosis, but any funds remaining will go to fund research for DIPG.

Thank you.

Kari L. Trumbo


From the GoFundMe page:

If you ever met James he would steel your heart in a minute with his uplifting personality and his charming wink. He brightens any room with his contagious belly laugh and fearless attitude. On June 29th our world came crashing down around us when we received the news that our beautiful 4 1/2 year old boy was diagnosed with Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). This is a rare, inoperable brain tumor which is found on the Pons region of the brain stem. This is the part of the brain which controls many critical functions including breathing and blood pressure and this kind of tumor occurs almost exclusively in children. Unfortunately due to its rarity scientists do not know what causes the DIPG tumor, have a cure or even a better treatment option than radiation to this region of the brain. Because of the DIPG tumor the left side of James body has been effected, making it very hard for our once fiercely independent boy to walk on his own as well as use his left arm and hand. It has also effected his speech. James, who once had a very advanced and articulate vocabulary has now slipped backwards in his communication and fights to speak he way he once did. We are strating a fund to help with medical expenses and will be donating the remaining funds to help in the research of DIPG.

Benefit will run from July 23, 2017 – July 29, 2017. Click on the cover of any of the books below for more information. If my books are not your cuppa joe, here is a link to James’s GoFundMe page.




I am an author of Christian Historical Romance novels. My first series, Western Vows is comprised of a prequel Forsaking All Others, then To Honor and Cherish, For Richer or Poorer, and To Love and Comfort. The settings are Kansas and northern Minnesota/Canadian border. If you are a lover of historical romance, especially clean historical romance, please follow my newsletter to be updated on what is coming!

Kari Trumbo is one of four authors in the best-selling Cutter’s Creek series. She writes Christian Historical Romance and is a stay-at-home mom to four vibrant children. When she isn’t writing, or editing, she home schools her children and pretends to keep up with them. Kari loves reading, listening to contemporary Christian music, singing when no one’s listening, and curling up near the wood stove when winter hits. She makes her home in central Minnesota with her husband of almost twenty years, two daughters, two sons, three cats, and one hungry wood stove.

Look around the site, pull up a comfy chair, and steep a cup of tea. My favorites are blueberry and chai. Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.






Legal Notice:  The above provided at request of Kari L. Trumbo.  This site is not affiliated with the benefit, the family, or author in any way nor received any benefit/compensation from the fund-raiser or any one associated with the event.

Tormented Dreams By Adrienna D. Turner



Tormented Dreams, Cover
Tormented Dreams,Cover



Book One Of The Miss The Mark Series

A New Apocalyptic Series

With a Hip And Up To Date Story-line






This is the first book in the Missed The Mark Series.  A new intense and riveting end times series.  In Tormented Dreams, author Adrienna Trurner created an emotional apocalyptic Christian novel.   Roya and Solomon Whitmore, married and much in love, find themselves facing the end of days found in Revelations and Daniel.  Solomon, a successful business man, is firm in his Christian faith.  He is a music producer, video producer, director, and actor.   Because of his fame and the many women which flock around him, Roya has a tough time with security issues within her marriage. Also, Roya is dreaming prophetically, will these dreams come true?  What does the future hold for Roya, Solomon and their five children?

Solomon and Roya become active in the ACC, Alliance for Crusaders of Christ, spreading the word in closed groups of the coming Anti-Christ.  Chipping is eminent as the one world government is gathering


Bumbling Bea By Deborah Baldwin



Bumbling Bea
Bumbling Bea










In Bumbling Bea, author Deborah Baldwin creates an enjoyable look into growing up.  Beatrice has one more chance to play the lead in the school play before she leaves middle school.  After all, playing the lead will ensure she will be in with the popular girls.  She has planned all year towards this goal, she and her alter ego Bumbling Bea.   However, things do not go as planned.  A new girl has enrolled from Japan.  Michiko  talented, opinionated, and pretty, gets the lead-roll.  Beatrice and alter ego Bea refuse to be denied and devise plans to get rid of Michiko.  Let the games begin.


Love’s Journey By Emily Murdoch


Love's Journey
Love’s Journey










In Love’s Journey, by author Emily Murdoch, Elizabeth Morrison inherited a large fortune.  With all her family deceased except for Katherine, her missing sister, Elizabeth’s determined to find her.  Traveling in Texas, Elizabeth comes across a beautiful derelict apple orchard, Sweet Grove.  Wealthy enough to buy the orchard, she’s determined to do so. Jonathan Bryant’s family owned Sweet Grove until his father lost it to gambling debts.  Jonathan’s bitter, determined to reclaim the orchard and land some day.  However, Elizabeth has the money and he does not.

Knowing nothing of farming or orchards, Elizabeth comes to an agreement with Jonathan for his help.  As they work closely together, Jonathan finds Elizabeth’s not a pretty doll; she’s a hard worker with success in mind.  Can Jonathan over come his bitterness and disappointment to see what God has placed in front of him? My romance book review of Love’s Journey follows.


Love’s Journey, set in 1840 Texas, captures the readers imagination immediately.   Elizabeth is far different from the average woman of this time period.  Independent and strong, she knows what she wants and goes after it.  I loved the


Lady Lands The Lord By Eleanor Meyers


The Abbey Brothers

Lady Lands The Lord
Lady Lands The Lord










In Lady Lands the Lord, Margaret Kay lay deathly ill at school.  Uncle Martin Dawnton, Duke of Wardington, promises if she will live, she may live whatever life she wants.  All the Kay girls are different from the normal society chits.  Margaret, the Dukes favorite of the girls and too much like the Duke and sons, does not fit the restrictive mold of society; after all, she was ruined when found with the footman in her bedroom.  Recovering from cholera, Margaret’s back in town with a to do list;  a scandalous list.  She wants to live life to the beat of her own drummer, without the encumbrance of a husband, and sets out to do so with the help of Lord Roger Abbey.

Roger, professional actor in the theater and unconventional, was the bane of his family existence when he left school for the theater.  Bent on never falling in love or marrying, Roger and fate have a date.  For fate has other things in mind for Roger and Margaret.  A laughter filled romp with a touch of mystery through Regency England, my review of Lady Lands The Lord follows.


Although Lady Lands The Lord is a Regency romance, Meyers also included mystery and subterfuge.  As a result you have all the ingredients for a sweet clean romance with mystery, subterfuge, and intrigue.  The seed of mystery are


Sub-Sahara By Ethan Arkwright












A team excavating an ancient well, finds themselves in the middle of a super-storm.  When it’s all over, what they see boggles the imagination.  The sands of the Sahara moved, revealing a silver pyramid giving off an energy signal.  The race’s on to acquire this new and mysterious source of energy.

James Cavil and his team of elite private soldiers, given the mission to get there first and acquire this source for humanity, finds this easier said than done.  Forces are in place to stop them.  My military thriller book review of Sub-Sahara follows.


Ethan Arkwright crafted a fast paced roller coaster ride filled with twists and turns in Sub-Sahara.  Who is friend, who is foe? Arkwright had me guessing throughout the book.  If you are looking for romance, this book’s not for you.


Penguins and Mortal Peril: Cozy Mystery By Ruby Loren


Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 1

Penguins and Mortal Peril
Penguins and Mortal Peril



When zookeeper, Madigan Amos, finds the penguin zookeeper dead, she’s thrown into a quarry of murder, corruption, false leads, and many suspects.  Penguins And Mortal Peril begins with a bang and continues throughout at a fast clip.  Madi loves her job; she does her best to care for the animals under her care and make their life better.  With animal rights activist at the gates, murder inside the gates, and no way of knowing who she can trust, Madi has her work cut out for her.

Determined to find out what is going on at the zoo, Madi, finds her life, as well as, others in peril.  Secrets abound within the walls of Avery Zoo; someone thinks they are worth killing for.  My cozy mystery book review of Penguins And Mortal Peril follows.



I Was Justin’s Nanny By David Belisle



I Was Justin's Nanny, Cover, jpeg
I Was Justin’s Nanny, Cover




Author David Belisle crafted an insanely funny tongue in cheek political satire in I Was Justin’s Nanny.  Marie Bellehumeur, finds herself nanny to the new Prime Minster of Canada’s, Justin Prudhomme’s, children.  Marie has been around the block, and probably all around the entire city of St. Louis-du-Ha-Ha, her native home.   Marie is no newbie to life.  Through clerical error Maria lands this plum job.  Or is it?  Full of off the wall situations and observations, the reader sees a side to politics, politician’s family life, and life situations, which we usually are not allowed to see.

Can Marie manage to keep her job or will political maneuvering and mishaps oust Marie from 24 Sussex? 


The Devil’s Colony By Bill Schweigart


The Fatal Folklore Trilogy

The Devil's Colony
The Devil’s Colony










In The Devil’s Colony, Bill Schweigart, once again brings together his team of monster hunters.  In the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Ben, Lindsay, Erica, Alex, Richard, and Davis face the ultimate evil.  Once more they are all facing monsters and death.

Henry Drexler, Richard’s old partner owns a compound, Välkommen, in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Although the name means “welcome”, Välkommen’s anything but welcoming once you get inside.  Drexler takes in everyone, as long as, they are racists, white power neo Nazis’.  Realizing Drexler probably summoned the past monsters they battled, Richard must send in Lindsay and Ben incognito to find as much information as they can.  Between the black uniformed guards, neo Nazis crazies, and Drexler’s sociopath son, they will find information does not come easy.  But when found, it’s terrible and frightening, as monsters resident in the Pine Barren.



Love’s Hope By Ja’Nese Dixon


A Novella: Volume 2 (Ready for Love Series)

Love's Hope
Love’s Hope










In Love’s Hope we find Sandra James, owner of a successful café, a steady boyfriend Alonso, and the best friend anyone could have, Bruce.  But all is not as it should be nor as wonderful as it seems.  The boyfriend will not commit to marriage, her engaged sister’s pregnant with twins and Sandra’s in charge of the wedding, plus her café is not as satisfying as it once was.  Her friend, Serafine, owns Love Never Fails Retreat, a faith based retreat for women.  Will Sandra find the answers and solutions she needs.  My inspirational romance book review of Love’s Hope follows.


Ja’Nese Dixon created a wonderful look into a life filled with dissatisfaction and lack of purpose. A sweet clean book, with romance and life choices.  I enjoyed watching Sandra come to terms with the reasons for her dissatisfaction.  Viewing life in an intense retreat environment’s wonderful; I found Serafine particularly loving, possessing a deep faith, and a talent for counseling.


Smugglers & Scones By Morgan C. Talbot



Smugglers & Scones
Smugglers & Scones










In Smuggles & Scones, Pippa Winterbourne operates Moorehaven Bed and Breakfast.  Formerly owned by well-own internationally famous mystery author, A. Raymond Moore;  he left the house with instructions which included, the Bed and Breakfast guests must be authorsAuthors come to the B&B to rest, play games, eat, plot, and write.  By the way, they are as zany as the residents.

The towns full of quirky characters; which makes the authors feel right at home.  Secrets abound in this small town;  secret clubs, quaint residents, mysterious treasures, gossips, and nosiness.  From the Glaze and Gossip Club, the mysterious speakeasy once under the local tavern, the police chief ready for a coronary, boat wrecks, mobsters, smugglers, mysterious women, and murder, this town is perfect for the latest batch of authors.

The zaniness begins when a boat wrecks on the rocks and Pippa with her bunny slippers pull to safety handsome pilot Lake.  He has no memory of the wreck, the large lump on his head, or the dead man on the boat.  Pippa takes the responsibility of caring for Lake; which is a pleasure for her, she’s attracted to Lake.

Come along with Pippa and company as they find a murderer, possibly finds love, and solves a mystery.  My book review of Smugglers & Scones follows.


I loved the residents in Smuggles & Scones; zany, quirky, noisy, and ready at the drop of a hat to help each other.  Talbot has a finger on the pulse of small town America.  The authors fit right in as they cause all kinds of problems for Pippa and the town.  When I started the book, I found myself thinking: this one is not for me.  Boy was I wrong;  as I finished the first chapter, I was enthralled with the Pippa and the rest of the crew.


Over The Ivy Wall by Rosa Sophia


Over The Ivy Wall
Over The Ivy Wall










Clara Pendleton’s had a wonderful life until her parents are killed when she’s six years old.  All the love and caring disappeared from her life when sent to live with her Uncle Harris and Aunt Nan.  Harris, abusive and a drunk, makes Clara’s life a desolate place.  Restricted to the boundaries of his estate, she has never been off the property, never talks to anyone other than her cousin Tammy, and she’s denied public schooling. Clara hides from her abusive Uncle and his “tendencies”.  Clare has invented creative places and ways to avoid Uncle Harris.

While hiding at the ivy covered wall, in a moss-covered niche, she’s surprised by a visitor.  Gaven Bridge, sent to live with his Uncle, finds Clara when walking in the woods.  Gaven is different from other people; he has Asperger Syndrome.  Taking medication, he has no emotions, talks and walks stilted and formal, and awkward with women. However, a bond’s forged between these two needy damaged people.  Giving each other courage, Clara decides to spread her wings.  My romance book review of Over The Ivy Wall follows.


The Steps By Iveta Redliha



The Steps
The Steps










The Steps, begins with a prologue in which a boy, ease-dropping hears his name and the word surrogacy.  Raised in an orphanage and determined to find his mother, he hears just enough to know he must find out more.  Fast forward to a grown man, Lucas, who can seem cold and menacing in an instance. He is on a mission; one which will either be successful or lead to destruction.

Reyna inherited Bradbury Mansion, in need of much repair, holds secrets which will affect many lives.  Unaware her mother purchased the mansion just before her suspicious death, Reyna needs to decide what to do with this falling down master piece.   Arriving to see her inheritance, Reyna quietly contemplates the grounds and mansion when a stranger suddenly appears.   Lucas introduces himself to Reyna as a neighbor;  she felt shivers run over her at the look in his eyes and his attitude.  Who is this man who keeps popping up when least expected?  How and why did her mother buy this mansion?  Leonora, Reyna’s mother, held dark secrets for many years which when revealed will change everything.  My review suspense thriller book review of The Steps follows.


Originally written in Latvian and translated to English, The Steps, grabs the reader immediately.   I found a few language issues, however, they did not affect my enjoyment of the book.  A fast paced thrill ride of secrets, lies, and a dark dank


Waterkill By Mark J. Donovan












Author Mark J. Donovan’s Waterkill will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Starting in a small Yemeni village, the villagers sudden and unexplained horrific deaths opens this fast paced novel.  Almost everyone died in this new and unknown epidemic;  suddenly and horribly.

When a small plane crashes in Alaska with a mysterious passenger and brief case on board, CEO Dr. Dave Henson and Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc., are given the task of finding the crashed plane.  As well as, the cause of the deaths in Yemen.  Chatter in the underground networks link the events. They must determine how all the pieces fit together.

Dave’s wife, internationally journalist Dana Cogswell kidnapped in Germany after a strange epidemic in Eberswalde, sets more events in motion;  Germany mirrors the events in Yemen.  Is this the feared pandemic?  Why kidnap Dana?  Who if


Stalingrad The Loneliest Death By Christoph Fromm



Stalingrad The Loniest Death by Christoph Fromm
Stalingrad The Loneliest Death, cover




Author Christoph Fromm created an intense emotional novel in Stalingrad The Loneliest Death.  Set in 1942, German Leutnant von Wetzland will face his own mortality;  as well as the vile nature of himself and his comrades.  Von Wetland begins his journey as an idealist, believing in rules and proper conduct in war.  He will face not only his but his fellow-man’s basest nature.  For the baseness of man’s morality is ugly; he will find war is vile and ugly without rules or morals.

Stalingrad is a place of pain, blood, and death. It will bring Von Wetland face to face with the darkness of man’s nature.  He finds he can not control the ultimate evil in man’s heart as he spirals into the abyss.  My contemporary military war novel review of Stalingrad The Loneliest Death follows.



Author Christoph Fromm created an intense character driven novel of war.  This is not a pretty novel for war is ugly.  In a time period in which movies glorify war, Fromm presents war at its ugliest without frills or pretty words.  As man achieves the ultimate evil against his fellow-man, Fromm’s characters fall further into the blackness.


Not My Idea By Bethany Swafford


Not My Idea
Not My Idea










In Not My Idea, set in 1814 Regency England, the reader finds Lucas Bywood returning home from touring of the continent. Receiving a note from his father stating he must return home, he rushes back to England.  He returns to find his father and their neighbor, Mr. Ramsey, had betrothed him as a child to his daughter, Phoebe.  This will not do; they fought and scrapped as children.  Lucas even received a broken arm during one of their fights.  Talking to Phoebe and her friend, Miss Darkin, Lucas found Phoebe’s in love with his best friend, Miles. Two fathers insisting they marry, and his best friend in love with Phoebe, what a mess.  This is not what he expected when he returned home.  Far from a relaxing visit with his family, he has a situation to resolve amicably for everyone.

His older brother, George, has married a woman Lucas can not stand.  Rosamund’s stuck up, rude, and obnoxious; he can’t understand why George married her.  Even more troubling, he finds his active mother bedridden from a riding accident which seems not an accident at all.  Come along with Swafford’s characters as they travel the tricky road of love.  My regency romance book review of Not My Idea follows.


Ah, Regency England, a fine time period for love.  Swafford created a sweet clean Regency romance in Not My Idea.  A strong, independent, handsome man, unwilling to let his father harass him into marriage, they butt heads.  He finds Phoebe has changed during his absence into a beautiful young woman who he still considers silly.  Then Swafford added in the fact Phoebe did not want to marry him anymore than he wanted to marry her.  She has her sights set on Miles.  By the way, you have Phoebe’s lovely friend, Miss Darkin, thrown into the mix.  What a tangled web.  So, how will it all shake out?  Will Lucas and Phoebe succumb to their fathers wishes or will they hold fast to their decision?  What a mess their fathers created.


Citizen Kill By Stephen Clark


Citizen Kill
Citizen Kill










In Citizen Kill we find  America in the continuing battle against terrorism.  Since 9-11, America has faced terrorism with small in-roads into their organizations.  A new black ops unit, formed after the newly elected President’s son’s killed in a terrorist bombing, engages eliminators/assassins.  Justin Raines, a black ops agent for the CIA, assigned the task of eliminating American citizens who radicalize Muslims, accepts the task.

After the diabolical of his last assignment, this will place him back in the good graces of the government and into a new position in the CIA.  Assigned to kill the principle and founder of a Muslin school, Raines becomes close to Zahra.  He saw the reality and injustice of this program as he came to know her.  His disillusionment grows.  Now he must find a way to prove her innocence and stop this assassination program.  These are American citizens; innocence until proven guilty.  What follows is an amazing fast paced story, my book review of Citizen Kill follows.


In Citizen Kill, author Stephen Clark created a fast paced novel filled with betrayal, terrorism, injustice, and prominent government officials gone amuck.  Of course, for those of us who like a little romance, Clark also included a love interest for Raines.   This book will make you stop and think;  could this really happen in America?  You bet it could, all it takes is a group of government fanatics and the stage is set for a government that kills its citizens under the misplaced guise of eliminating terrorism.


A Mail Order Bride’s Hope By Faith Crawford



A Mail Order Bride's Hope
A Mail Order Bride’s Hope










In A Mail Order Bride’s Hope, we find Grace Owens, and two other women from the east standing before the minister as mail order brides.  Grace had yearned for wide open space, freedom, and adventure after living in the crowded city of Pittsburgh.  When her parish shows her a mail order bride ad, she set on heading west.

Alonzo Forrester, sheep farmer, wants a wife and family to share his burdens and ease his loneliness.  Grace arrives as his bride and Alonzo finally has everything he ever wanted.  However, fate steps in and tragedy after tragedy follows; beginning with Alonzo’s back injury.  Can Grace step up and take over the running of the farm?  Will they survive the harsh winter, wild animals, and low food?  My romance book review of A Mail Order Bride’s Hope follows.


Although a sweet clean western romance, A Mail Order Bride’s Hope is also a story of courage and strength.  Crawford created a strong woman in Grace.  A woman who will not give up, meets each challenge with fortitude and does what ever needs doing.  Grace was made for the west with a pioneering spirit.  Alonzo’s character is the perfect mate for Grace.  He’s kind and gentle, gives her opinion thoughtful contemplation, and allows her to be her own woman.  He’s so caring of her and appreciates everything she does for him. I found the tragedies they endured and conquered, made them into a strong couple.  The secondary characters added an extra dimension to the story.


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